I love President's Day... it's a holiday for me and I always plan on working on the model railroad. Spring is just around the corner and I am sprinting to complete several projects before the yard work comes a calling.

Since my last report, the mountain on the far side of the track received its final plaster coat and a

coat of Sculptamold. Plaster castings of rock outcroppings were applied and appropriately colored. A based coat of "dirt" paint was appied to all non-rock areas. The mountain is ready for a layer of "forest floor" and then comes tree planting time. Oops, gotta make the trees first!

Today I constructed two arc extensions of my benchwork which will be the backing for a curved section of fascia through Mann's Narrows. Next, I constructed the cardboard webbing for the scenery on the near side of the track. Being ahead of schedule, I went ahead and got the first coat of plaster applied to the same area, which includes a creekbed. 

I got the bridge abutments installed for the route 322 bridge which passes over the railroad within the Narrows. This is the "old" 322 segment between Yeagertown and Reedsville; the highway hasn't been built yet! The abutments are resin castings which I made. On the workbench I started assembling a highway bridge kit. It will be painted before moving to the layout.

I've also assembled a Central Valley plate girder bridge for the railroad crossing over the creek between Yeagertown and Reedsville. It needs painted, and will be paired with stone bridge piers which I also cast out of resin.

The backdrop through Yeagertown has also been completed. And I went through Yeagertown and inserted ties at all of the track joints. The track in Yeagertown is now ready for painting.

A bunch of new photos have been posted in the Construction Album, including a shot of the 50,000 gallon water tank in the narrows and the 322 bridge abutments.

On a humerous note, I had to have a discussion with the wife. I'm sure all of the husbands out there have fallen victim to the "How do I look?" question and made the mistake of responding with the "F" word -- "fine". No woman ever wants to hear the word "fine". Well, the Mrs. came down to visit the other night and saw the new rock outcroppings on the mountain and commented with the "C" word -- she said they were "cute". Nuff said!