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Over the past few days I completed two track lighting projects. At right is a current view of Mann's Narrows. This is representative of how I plan to light the upper level during op sessions and open houses -- with the ceiling flourescent "house lights" off. Installation of the tracks was actually pretty easy. What took longer was wiring two new circuits into the breaker box.

Mann's Narrows still isn't done. My goal was April 30th, but spring happened. My self-imposed hard deadline is Q2 -- about two weeks away. It will be close, but I have completed a few tasks that I had on my timeline for Q3, so I guess it'll be a fair wash.

I've been adamant about finishing Mann's Narrows completely as there will be a helix below it. Access will be available "gopher" style, but I wanted to get the scenery done while I had more room to move. The trees in the back are quite a stretch, and there's about eight feet of stream to "pour". You can see the painted stream bed. I'll be experimenting with paints to produce a translucent blue-green effect in the Envirotex to simulate a limestone stream. Then a little more ground cover and foreground trees.

The other area that got track lights is the yard pit. This is where 2-3 crew will work the Lewistown Junction yard. The wall at left will be decorated with appropriate railroadiana. The floating wall at right will be the yard control panels with the shelf available for card sorting, etc.

She's comin' along!

More construction pics here.