As a state employee, I always look forward to holidays for marathon work sessions, and Columbus Day was no different.

I managed to complete a major extension of my benchwork. In the above photo, Altoona staging was created on the lower level, which connects to Harrisburg/Altoona staging for continuous running.

The next level up is the eastern end of the Lewistown Secondary. The Milroy Secondary will start at right and go up a helix on the square framing seen in the background.

The end of the Milroy Seconday is seen at upper left. The Milroy Secondary traverses the entire perimeter of the basement before ending at its namesake town of Milroy.

No sooner did I complete the benchwork that I put it in moth balls! More specifically, it became the new location of my storage and work area so that I could clear the area that is soon to become Lewistown Junction. That's a story for later in the week, so stay tuned!

More photos are available here.