Despite spending most of May preparing the railroad for its first open house -- for the PRRT&HS annual meeting -- this quarter proved very productive on the construction calendar.

WALL interlocking is completed and fully operational per schedule. Harrisburg/Enola staging is operational, with 20% of trackage in place.

As previously briefed, construction of Altoona staging was delayed so that it may be constructed in parallel with JACKS interlocking. Although scheduled for third quarter, ll of the right-of-way (benchwork) has already been completed and rail is being laid.


In lieu of Altoona staging, the stairway underpass, now dubbed Vineyard as a reportable location, was constructed and placed into operation.

Granville Bridge construction is underway on the workbench and will be a "drop in" module for LEWIS interlocking, now moved up to fourth quarter.

Ryde is scheduled for first quarter 2015 and will allow complete operation of the main line at that time.

Right-of-way (benchwork) has been nearly completed for Selinsgrove staging.

A Layout Editor presentation of the railroad is being developed in JMRI PanelPro and is coming along well.

You may view the complete report here.