As an employee of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, I enjoy Veteran's Day as a holiday... used as a "training day". Last month I had framed out most of the benchwork to complete the remaining 24 feet of main line. I made significant progress towards that end today.

ABOVE: Looking eastward from Granville Bridge past LEWIS tower and interlocking. The yard entrance is visible at distant left. Track on the bridge is in a "mockup" state.

I started the day attaching the Granville Bridge module to the framing on the proper alignment and at the correct elevation. An extension was added between the bridge and the existing layout, including an "outcropping" for LEWIS tower (visible in photo). Following that was the curve between Granville and Ryde. I fell just shy of completing the subroadbed through Ryde as I ran out of plywood that was long enough... drat!

On the upper level, I installed supports against which I will mount the backdrop for the Menzies and Burnham areas.

Most of the backdrops have now been cut to size and are awaiting other outstanding items prior to glueing in place.

Plans call for the completion of Ryde by year's end. I also plan to have all of the backdrops installed and painted, as well as most of the fascia. LEWIS will take longer, due to the complexity of turnouts on the bridge deck itself.

BELOW: The Granville Bridge, at almost exact scale, is nearly eight feet long. It will provide quite a photographic setting when complete.


More photos here.