Construction on the Pennsylvania Railroad Middle Division in HO scale, continues on schedule.

This quarter saw the Ryde section achieve operational status and the first public open house was held in November as part of National Model Railroad Month.

All surveying (benchwork) for LEWIS interlocking has been completed, as was the surveying for west Burnham on the Milroy Secondary.

The three crossovers for the east half of LEWIS interlocking have been installed, though not yet powered, putting this project slightly ahead of schedule. Special design considerations are being implemented with regard to the three remaining crossovers which will be located on the deck of the Granville Bridge. The schedule projects LEWIS being completed in Q1 2015.


The forward looking schedule has been modified in several areas. Anticipating substantial quality assurance testing on the main line during Q2, the schedule projects only the main track through west Burnham being brought operational during this period. A design change with the Pennsylvania Midland has affected its schedule. The plan is to have the Milroy Secondary operational for the May 2016 annual meeting of the Pennsylvania Railroad Technical & Historical Society.

Finally, your Chief Engineer is being treated for a shoulder injury incurred on the job. A meeting with the Company surgeon next week will determine the next course of action, which may include surgery. A surgical event would impact the schedule moving forward.

You may read the full Report of the Chief Engineer.