This evening the track gang completed work on LEWIS interlocking and it is now operational!

LEWIS features the four track main line, with a full complement of six crossovers, plus a crossover into the Lewistown yard. To complicate matters, three of the crossovers are on the deck of the Granville Bridge (see separate post on turnout control).

The LEWIS tower model in the photo was built by the late Joe Henry Kline.

Those who have been following the quarterly report of the Chief Engineer realize that this is the last portion of the main line to be constructed... the main line is complete!

The total run is about 120 feet. Approximately one third is hidden staging (20 tracks). Remember, the purpose of the main line is to provide a vignette of main line operations and enable the delivery and pickup of cars at Lewistown. Operations will primarily be on the Lewistown and Milroy secondaries.

Tomorrow is a cleaning night. The beer is chilling for Friday night -- train running!