IMG 0262

The crew of the PRR Middle Division in HO Scale has been busy and has already completed all of the goals for the quarter.

Above is the west end of Burnham, Pa. In addition to a sand plant, it is home to both a passenger and a freight station. Passenger service ceased in 1941 and, at some point, the freight operation moved to the passenger station and the freight station was razed. Freight operations continued in the former passenger station until it was razed sometime in the 1970s. The team track by the freight station will see a lot of action. That's LEWIS interlocking and the Granville Bridge showing on the main level below Burnham.


Just west of Burnham is the location of Menzies. No online customers, but it is a significant location, where the line cuts right through Kishacoquillas Park. I am confident that visitors will immediately recognize and appreciate my rendering of the park when it is completed.

IMG 0261

Behind the Menzies backdrop (which is attached with velcro) is a reporting location call Mill Creek on the fictional Pennsylvania Midland. This will be a running track connecting Big Valley yard at Belleville with "southern staging" for the B&O, WM, Penn Family Lines, and the H&BTM.

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