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With quarterly goals met well in advance, the crew of the PRR Middle Division in HO Scale turned its attention to the expansion of Harrisburg/Enola and Altoona staging.

Four through tracks were previously installed, leaving 16. Each of these requires six pieces of flex track. Do the math. That's 96 pieces of track... all but a case!

There's no deadline for completion, but my intent is too keep the crew at it. Third quarter's goal is the helix on the Milroy Secondary, which will require slow but sure progress as each segment is glued into place and track applied. I would expect the staging build out to be completed by the year's end.


Sometime between now and then I will schedule one or two main line "burn in" sessions where I will have a few people over to run trains for quality assurance. We certainly don't want to make the news like Amtrak did when their regional derailed at Frankfort Junction outside of Philadelphia.

The railroad will be open November 7th for the SVMR National Model Railroad Month Open House. Watch for tour details at There are already 10 railroads in the area that have committed to opening.