The track gang has completed work on a second helix on the PRR Middle Division in HO Scale. As with the first helix, this is also a kit from Ashlin Designs

It doesn't get any easier than using these kits, if the specs work for you. This helix has two tracks -- the inner with a 32" radius and the outer with a 24" radius. Over2.5 turns the track rises 10 inches.

The primary purpose of the helix is to carry the Milroy Secondary. The Lewistown Secondary will be on the lower level, in front of the helix. At right there will be a wye where the line will split to form the S&L to Selinsgrove and the Milroy Secondary. You can see where the Milroy Secondary will connect at upper right in the photo. 

On the helix, the Milroy Secondary is the outer track. The inner track carries my fictitious Pennsylvania Midland Railroad. Just outside of the helix, seen in the foreground, is a track that will be hidden and lead to the PM's northern staging area.

The PM will be behind Milroy, with a view block in between. A "mole in the hole" will run the PM. The town of Belleville will be to the left of the helix, the town of Allensville to the right of the helix, and Big Valley Yard in between.

The PM is a bridge line that will provide additional interchange for the PRR. Bridge trains from the NYC, Reading, B&O, and WM will meet at Big Valley Yard to exchange traffic. One operator will control the entire operation, which should be pretty neat.

With the helix complete, I now have several weeks leftover in this quarter to tackle other projects, such as backdrops, fascia, and landform mesh. The overall goal will be to get cleaned up for the Susquehanna Valley Model Railroaders' National Model Railroad Month open house in November. I will be open on November 7th from 3:00 to 6:00 p.m.