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IMG 0908The Chief Engineer of the PRR Middle Division in HO Scale is please to report continued progress!

Per schedule, a two-track helix was completed. The outer track carries the Milroy Secondary from its junction with the Lewistown Secondary east to Menzies. The inner track carries the Pennsylvania Midland Railroadfrom northern staging to Allensville.


Surveying (benchwork) was completed at Milroy, Allensville, Big Valley Yard, and Belleville, the later three being on the Pennsylvania Midland.

Staging is being filled out at Harrisburg/Enola and Altoona (see photo), which are now 74% and 76% completed, respectively. Full completion is expected during fourth quarter.

Slated for completion during the fourth quarter is Lewistown (3902) on the Milroy Secondary, between the junction and Menzies, and Allensville on the Pennsylvania Midland.

Milroy is scheduled for completion first quarter, 2016, but may see completion moved up to December.

Looking forward, emphasis will shift to final grading (landscaping) in some areas.

The PRR Middle Division in HO Scale will host an open house on November 7th. Please join us!