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The board of the Pennsylvania Railroad Middle Division in HO Scale may not be pleased when the chief engineer reports next week of the first miss of construction goals for a quarter, but hopefully that will be offset by the report that Altoona, Harrisburg, and Enola staging yards have been fully completed.

These yard areas have been deemed operational for some time, but the definition of operation required only one yard track per main line track, for run-through purposes.

The overall design calls for a total of 20 tracks. Trackwork was completed prior to the November open house; electrical work and detection was completed last week; and quality assurance testing was completed today.


Following testing, "daylight" rope lighting was installed above the tracks. The photo above depicts the yard lighting with the overhead ceiling lights turned off.

There will be a narrow strip of track on the level immediately above the yard, for the Lewistown Secondary. However, anything outside of the right-of-way will be on convenient lift-out panels for access to the yard below.

Part of the QA process, depicted in the photo below, was a series of runs along each track with a track cleaning car, until un-interrupted, slow-speed operation was achieved.

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