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IMG 1115

The Allensville block, on the fictional Pennsylvania Midland Railroad, has become operational. A portion of the block, which spans the stairway, was completed last year. This section spans the aisle between the stairway and Big Valley yard.

In the image above, the PM line is the rear track. In the foreground is the Milroy Secondary, between Lewistown and Menzies. The two tracks running side-by-side in the open was a necessary evil.


The hole in the wall to the right leads across the stairway landing.

In the image below, the PM line runs behind a backdrop to get to Big Valley yard. The track behind the PM main is the end of the yard switch lead. The Milroy Secondary in the foreground is waiting on a bridge to cross the Kishacoquillas Creek and is all that remains to complete the Milroy Secondary.

IMG 1114