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As another quarter comes to a close, I share this update on the PRR Middle Division in HO Scale.

This quarter brought the completion of suburban Lewistown (3902) on the Milroy Secondary. This section of the line required a somewhat complicated dual-span, angled bridge over the Kishacoquillas Creek near Electric Avenue. (Photo above.)


The railroad also hosted two events... There was an inspection tour for the Pennsylvania Railroad Technical & Historical Society in May. The Chief Engineer was then employed by his daughter, Ashley, who is the Director of Activities for SpiritTrust Lutheran independent living in York, to provide an on-site presentation about the hobby of model railroading, followed by an inspection tour.

Little track work is planned for third quarter -- only a short segment of Lewistown on the Milroy Secondary. The bulk of effort will be on frog powering on the mainline, grading of landscape (cardboard web and plaster cloth), and back drops.

You can read the full report here.