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IMG 1351

Been a while since I posted a progress report on the PRR Middle Division. My only "track goal" for this quarter was to complete the Lewistown (LN) portion of the Milroy Secondary, which amounted to less than three feet of flex track. In the image above, I have installed subroadbed for a portion of the downtown Lewistown area. Just beyond my hand will be a wye where the Milroy Secondary veers off to the left and the S&L veers off to the right (into staging).


IMG 1375

To facilitate access to the staging yard below downtown Lewistown, scenery panels will be removable. I added a "ledge" to the underside of the subroadbed. The scenery panels will lay on top of these and the angle will prevent staging level light from coming up through the crack. In the lead photo I am painting the edge brown so that if any does show it will not stand out.

The photo at right shows the completed section of track with the scenery panels loosely in place.

A lot of other work has been going on. I've been participating in the current PRR Proproject, which involves building seven Funaro & CamerlengoPRR X26 and X26C box car kits. Nevermind that I still have five mid-train lounges to complete, along with two F22's and two F23's!

I also recently completed installation of masonite for backdrops. I had three areas in need of finishing. In the coming weeks I will be applying photo backdrops.

At JACKS, Ryde, and suburban Lewistown, I installed ties at track joints and painted the track. I hope to complete track painting next month.

I've also been working on my JMRI configuration. I've added the CATS application, which builds on JMRI for CTC capability. More on that in a future post.

I've also been very busy in my new role as coordinator for The Model Railroad Open House, a massive model railroad tour throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey. The schedule will post on October 1 and we expect to have over 100 events on the calendar!

The PRR Middle Division will be open on Saturday, November 5th as part of The Model Railroad Open House, so mark your calendar!

Of course, all of this work would not be possible without the motivation of the Modeler's Life podcast. Lionel, Bruce the Mail Boy, Uncle Larry, and the rest of the crew keep things light yet informative. Keep up the great work, guys!