IMG 1428

Got many more backdrops installed on the PRR Middle Division in HO Scale today. All but about 10 feet are completed around the railroad. These are all color laser printed from documents sold by LARC Products.

The lead image is Ryde, which is west of Lewistown and east of Mt. Union. The Juniata River can be seen in the background. The mainline crosses the river just west (left) of Ryde.


Below is Burnham, on the Milroy Secondary. The view is westerly. Lewistown is to the left.

IMG 1426

Menzies, below, is between Burnham and Lewistown and is (will be) the site of Kishacoquillas Park.

IMG 1427

Milroy, below, is the end of the line for the Milroy Secondary. The view is westerly, toward the Seven Mountains.

IMG 1429