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Jerry Britton's PRR Middle Division in HO Scale

IMG 1471

The PRR Middle Division in HO Scale is making progress on laying trackage through downtown Lewistown. This section will finally link the lower level -- the main line -- with the upper level -- the Milroy secondary.

An open house was held on November 5th as part of The Model Railroad Open House. The last guest was barely out the door when construction commenced!


Progress to date includes cutting subroadbed to just the size needed for the right-of-way. Anything else on the level will be "lift out" panels to provide access to the staging yard just eight inches below. All three of the photos are looking "railroad east" as the Lewistown secondary crosses town, starting just east of the bridge of the Juniata River.

The lead photo, above, is the view down Water Street, where the track runs down the center of the street. The street is prototype width, taken from Sanborn maps. The lip along the edge will prevent light from coming through where the lift out scenery plate will connect. The lfacing point turnout will lead into the Franciscus Co., a lumber dealer; the trailing point will lead into the Mann Edge Axe Co.

In the next shot, below, the line makes a slight bend as it crosses Dorcas Street. Water Street ends here and the line becomes a bit of a downtown yard. The straight through route leads to the Milroy Secondary at the far end. The downtown freight station will be off to the left and a number of business will be located to the right off of Furnace Branch Siding.

IMG 1472

In the final view, one can see the Milroy Secondary veering off at far left. The S&L branch will veer off to the far right. The trailing point turnouts at left lead back into the downtown freight station. The downtown passenger station was located to the left, approximately below the car card box of the upper level. Downtown passenger service ceased in 1941. The station is listed in the 1945 CT1000, but the building is not present in 1957 aerial photos. It is unknown when the station was actually razed.

IMG 1473

The goal is to have all of this track operational by the end of the year.