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Jerry Britton's PRR Middle Division in HO Scale

IMG 1521

Progress continues on the downtown leg of Lewistown, designated "LN" in the CT1000. All of the trackage below is now wired and operational. I am now working on the bridge where the line crosses the Juniata River to get to the Lewistown yard and station. The following views are progressive and facing railroad-east.


In our first view, we are looking down Water Street, where the railroad runs down the center of the street. The facing point turnout to the left will go into the Franciscus Company, a hardware, lumber and coal dealer. The trailing point turnout beyond will go into the Mann Axe factory.

IMG 1519

From the Mann Axe turnout we are looking across South Dorcas Street, where Water Street ends. Beyond is the Wiker Co. to the right -- formerly Jackson's Wharf -- a coal and oil dealer. To the left is the downtown freight station.

IMG 1520

View from South Dorcas Street with Wiker in the foreground and the freight station across the tracks.

IMG 1521

View is between the Wiker Co. and the Hoffman Co. where the Furnace Branch Siding will be located.

IMG 1522

The view from Depot Street. Furnace Branch Siding will connect at the end of the crossover in the foreground. The Chestnut Street passenger station would have been located across the tracks wher the videos and Bowser boxes are located. Passenger service here ceased in 1941.

IMG 1523

Furnace Branch Siding continues past the crossover down to M. W. Brandt, another coal and lumber dealer, at far right. The downtown yard ends and the tracks converge.

IMG 1524

The Milroy Secondary curves off to the left and the Furnace Branch Siding is in the foreground. In between, the Selinsgrove & Lewistown Secondary will continue and bear slightly to the right to head down Chestnut Street.

IMG 1525