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Jerry Britton's PRR Middle Division in HO Scale

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The Chief Engineer of the PRR Middle Division in HO Scaleis pleased to present its report of progress as of the end of fourth quarter 2016.

A goal for Q4 was to complete location Lewistown (LN), consisting of the Lewistown Secondary from the Juniata River to the junction of the Milroy Secondary and the Sunbury & Lewistown Secondary.


Due to an excess of mail and express traffic due to the holidays, the staging area for the construction of the bridge spans for the Juniata River crossing was not available. The spans have since been completed and are being test fitted into place (above).

The Juniata River bed under the bridge is approximately three inches above the staging level and is removable with a minimal amount of effort. The remainder of the river bed will be an easy lift out, as will be the river bank and block of Lewistown beyond the bridge. It has been determined that they should be constructed next, so the new target for completion of Lewistown (LN) is now Q1 2017.

Other than the river crossing, all trackage for Lewistown (LN) has been completed and is operational.

Elsewhere, grading has been completed on the Sunbury & Lewistown Secondary.

The target for completion of the Lewistown Secondary to the main line -- Lewistown (XA) -- has been pushed to Q2 2017.

You may view the complete quarterly report here.