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Jerry Britton's PRR Middle Division in HO Scale

 IMG 1765

Another holiday, another marathon work day on the PRR Middle Division in HO Scale!

First order of the day was to complete the subroadbed for the Lewistown yard. Also cut the remaining scenery liftouts for along Water Street in downtown Lewistown, as well as some bases for scenery in front of the station at Lewistown. You can see more photos on the PRR Middle Division in HO Scale's FaceBook page.


I changed gears from physical labor to mental labor and started mocking up the yard trackage. As I design "in my head" (vs. CAD), I was pleased when everything seemed to fit as desired. The yard will be a long project, done in increments.

The primary goal at present, is to make the connection between the Lewistown Secondary and the main line.

 IMG 1764