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Jerry Britton's PRR Middle Division in HO Scale

 IMG 1778

It's been a busy week on the PRR Middle Division in HO Scale. I've been mocking up Lewistown yard using flex track and photo copies of turnouts.

In addition to the Lewistown Secondary connector to the main line, there is an "upper yard" parallel to the main line and a "lower yard" north from that, several runaround tracks, and a car shop yard.


Valuation maps show six tracks in the upper yard. I've been able to fit four. There were ten tracks in the lower yard; I hav six. There were five tracks into the car shop; I've got three, largely because I had to run the Viscose Company lead behind the car shop since it would have run across the aisle! I'm able to fit all of the tracks around the turntable. 

The east end throat:

 IMG 1776

The west end throat:

 IMG 1777

I have one quandry to resolve yet, and that is the location of the ash hoist. If only my benchwork was 12 inches longer! Watch for a separate blog on the issue.