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The PRR Middle Division in HO Scale has a new main control panel, needed for the new PowerShield X and RRampmeter products discussed in previous blog posts.

The power flow for the command station and each boosters run parallel across the board, first passing through the RRampmeter and then the PowerShield X. Only one RRampmeter is currently installed, but as the photo shows, I have allotted space for one on each power bus. Alternatively, I can relocate the existing RRampmeter for troubleshooting purposes.

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The board of the Pennsylvania Railroad Middle Division in HO Scale may not be pleased when the chief engineer reports next week of the first miss of construction goals for a quarter, but hopefully that will be offset by the report that Altoona, Harrisburg, and Enola staging yards have been fully completed.

These yard areas have been deemed operational for some time, but the definition of operation required only one yard track per main line track, for run-through purposes.

The overall design calls for a total of 20 tracks. Trackwork was completed prior to the November open house; electrical work and detection was completed last week; and quality assurance testing was completed today.

IMG 0908The Chief Engineer of the PRR Middle Division in HO Scale is please to report continued progress!

Per schedule, a two-track helix was completed. The outer track carries the Milroy Secondary from its junction with the Lewistown Secondary east to Menzies. The inner track carries the Pennsylvania Midland Railroadfrom northern staging to Allensville.

The track gang has completed work on a second helix on the PRR Middle Division in HO Scale. As with the first helix, this is also a kit from Ashlin Designs

It doesn't get any easier than using these kits, if the specs work for you. This helix has two tracks -- the inner with a 32" radius and the outer with a 24" radius. Over2.5 turns the track rises 10 inches.

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Construction on Jerry Britton's PRR Middle Division in HO Scale continues on, and ahead, of schedule.

Three tasks were scheduled for the quarter and were completed ahead of schedule. They included the west end of Burnham, where the freight and passenger stations were located; Menzies, where the line bisects Kishacoquillas Park; and Mill Creek, a staging connector on the protolanced Pennsylvania Midland.

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With quarterly goals met well in advance, the crew of the PRR Middle Division in HO Scale turned its attention to the expansion of Harrisburg/Enola and Altoona staging.

Four through tracks were previously installed, leaving 16. Each of these requires six pieces of flex track. Do the math. That's 96 pieces of track... all but a case!

There's no deadline for completion, but my intent is too keep the crew at it. Third quarter's goal is the helix on the Milroy Secondary, which will require slow but sure progress as each segment is glued into place and track applied. I would expect the staging build out to be completed by the year's end.

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The crew of the PRR Middle Division in HO Scale has been busy and has already completed all of the goals for the quarter.

Above is the west end of Burnham, Pa. In addition to a sand plant, it is home to both a passenger and a freight station. Passenger service ceased in 1941 and, at some point, the freight operation moved to the passenger station and the freight station was razed. Freight operations continued in the former passenger station until it was razed sometime in the 1970s. The team track by the freight station will see a lot of action. That's LEWIS interlocking and the Granville Bridge showing on the main level below Burnham.

The chief engineer is please to report that the main line of the PRR Middle Division has been completed!

Quality assurance is currently underway. Track one has been declared fit for service and revenue freight has commenced. A video is available on the railroad's YouTube channel. Tracks two thru four have developed a washout on the Granville bridge, causing a slight dip, which is being addressed post haste. 

Looking forward, the second quarter shall see the completion of Menzies and west Burnham on the Milroy Secondary, as well as Mill Creek on the Pennsylvania Midland. An excess of man hours should be available to expand the capacity of Harrisburg/Enola and Altoona yards.

The complete quarterly report of the chief engineer may be reviewed here.


This evening the track gang completed work on LEWIS interlocking and it is now operational!