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The main line at Lewistown Junction is now fully operational, as well as the "upper yard" that parallels the main line. The upper yard is where main line trains interchanged with the Lewistown Junction yard.

All tracks are in and all dispatcher-controlled turnouts are powered. All main line track segments are detectable and turnouts controlled via LocoNet. Development of a dispatcher panel is well underway in JMRI PanelPro and should be operational soon.

Ran my M1b 4-8-2 Mountain for the first time... a beautiful sight! Took to the curves and super elevation in outstanding fashion.

My attention will now turn towards WALL interlocking, Harrisburg/Enola staging, and Altoona staging.

More photos are available here.

An open house is scheduled for May 4th, in conjunction with the PRRT&HS annual meeting.

A lot's gone on since my last update. In the photo at right, I am mocking up WALL interlocking. WALL is immediately east of LEWIS and, on the model railroad, takes the four-track main line into 20 staging tracks. My construction goal is to have WALL operational by the end of Q2.

I've been hearing it for years... you need more power than normal to program a Tsunami decoder. Well, I finally got around to programming some of my DCC locos that have been accumulating on the shelf and I hit a brick wall when I tried my first Tsunami. The second and third were no different.

So, off to the internet to find one. Litchfield Station hooked me up for about 25% off. It came in today and I got it installed this evening. Works like a champ!

A lot of progress has been made over the last few weeks. Main line tracks 1, 2 and 3 through Lewistown are fully wired with detection in place. Only part of track 4 has been done as I am waiting on the arrival of more Walthers code 83 #6 right-hand turnouts which have been in short supply. The good news is that they are now en route.

Over the holidays I have managed to put nearly all of four days towards layout construction. The lead photo shows the current view of the layout room from the bottom of the stairway. (Click on images to view larger.)