Engineering Blog

 The Chief Engineer of the Middle Division has issued his fourth quarter construction report.

Highlights include bringing Burnham East up to operational readiness with a key bridge connecting Burnham with Yeagertown.

Projections for the next year have been updated and include Lewistown Junction (Q1 2014), WALL, Enola/Harrisburg Staging, and Altoona Staging (Q2 2014), JACKS and the stairway underpass (Q3 2014), and Ryde (Q4 2014). The projections have improved due to substantial progress already made in the Lewistown Junction area, which will afford Q2 projects an early start.

The Middle Division's first open house will be for the Pennsylvania Railroad Technical & Historical Society (PRRT&HS) in May 2014.

You can view the full report of the Chief Engineer.

Been working on the main line track work through Lewistown. I have most of the track in from the REA building to the east to the west bound home signals at LEWIS interlocking to the west. I'm currently working on the "upper yard" that parallels the main line.

The red building in the background is the Railway Express Agency/hotel. The grey building behind it was, I think, a boarding house.

It's been a great week for layout construction. Today I started mocking up the trackwork for Lewistown Junction, in the station area.

The east half of Burnham has been completed to operational status. All switch machines are in place, wiring is completed, and the bridges have been built across the creek to connect to Yeagertown.

As a state employee, I always look forward to holidays for marathon work sessions, and Columbus Day was no different.