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I am very pleased to announce that I have acquired a number of Joe Henry Kline's models. This morning Dave Wartell and I "extracted" the models from the layout in McClure, Pa. 

Joe Henry has been in a nursing home for several years and his model railroad is still intact, which I learned following publication of photos in a recent issue of The Keystone. I contacted the family about the status of the layout and subsequently visited and made an offer on a number of the models.

Joe Henry is probably best known for his photography from the 1950s, but he is also an expert modeler. The acquired models include Lewistown Station with the eastbound shelter, the REA/Hotel building, LEWIS tower, and the Lewistown roundhouse.

Placement of the models on my model railroad will allow Joe Henry's work to be enjoyed for the next few decades. I am grateful to Art and Rob Kline, Joe Henry's sons, for making this possible.