IMG 1438

Today is a trifecta of railroading...

Started out the day at the annual train show of the Harrisburg Chapter of the National Railway Historical Society (NRHS). Not a great show, but a good excuse to get out and see friends.

Tonight is an op session on Bob Martin's Central Pennsylvania Railroad. Based on a conversation earlier in the day, I think I will probably be in the dispatcher's seat.

In between, I managed to work in some scenery work on my own PRR Middle Division. I weathered about 60 feet of track, cleaned it, and ran a loco to get it back into running shape. In the process, I broke my air brush "virginity", if you can believe that!

The scene above is a small area of Yeagertown that is coming together. Ballast isn't down yet, but one gets the feel of what's to come. PRR class BS16m No. 8974, a Baldwin AS-616, is heading west towards Burnham, with Yeager's Mill in the background.