Today I ventured to the Ted Maurer auction at Spring City, Pa. These auctions are held on a nearly weekly basis, and are always train related. Though they are usually Lionel and other O gauge stuff, they often have HO scale auctions or railroadiana. Today's was part one of three or four of a single estate and contained over 500 lots... mostly brass!

I scored a Proto 2000 Alco FA1/FB1 lashup in Pennsy livery. Though the FA2/FB2's seem to be readily available long after they were manufactured, the FA1/FB1's are a bit of a rarity. I was able to pick them up at about two thirds of what they've been going for on eBay.

I also took ownership of a SOHO brass Pullman heavyweight 14 section sleeper. It represents a Pennsy car that received the 1940 "Betterment" improvements which made the cars look more streamlined to match in consists with the 1938-40 lightweight cars. This will go on train 58/59, the Liberty Limited. One source tells me this car was used for deadheading crews. In any case, this is the only release I know of representing the betterment car.