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IMG 1351

Been a while since I posted a progress report on the PRR Middle Division. My only "track goal" for this quarter was to complete the Lewistown (LN) portion of the Milroy Secondary, which amounted to less than three feet of flex track. In the image above, I have installed subroadbed for a portion of the downtown Lewistown area. Just beyond my hand will be a wye where the Milroy Secondary veers off to the left and the S&L veers off to the right (into staging).

IMG 1163

As another quarter comes to a close, I share this update on the PRR Middle Division in HO Scale.

This quarter brought the completion of suburban Lewistown (3902) on the Milroy Secondary. This section of the line required a somewhat complicated dual-span, angled bridge over the Kishacoquillas Creek near Electric Avenue. (Photo above.)

IMG 1161

Lewistown (3902), a mile of the Milroy Secondary in the suburbs of town, has been declared operational. This location is near present day US 22/322 at the Electric Avenue exit.

This was the last link to making the Milroy Secondary operational. It also provides a hidden link for continuous run on the upper level for open houses.

IMG 1225

The PRR Middle Division in HO Scale was open today for the annual meeting of the Pennsylvania Railroad Technical & Historical Society (PRRT&HS). The event drew around 45 visitors over a three hour period.

IMG 1137

April 3, 2016 -- A year or more ago, Walthers announced their "Engineered Bridge System", which offeres a variety of bridge components of different sizes that are interchangeable. Their latest releases included four lengths of through girder bridges. Based on the parts and assembly instructions, I am highly confident that they either purchased or subcontract with Central Valley for these bridges. I've used the Central Valley 70' bridges in the past.

At a suburban Lewistown location, right near where route 322/22 cross Electric Avenue, there is a three span through girder bridge crossing the Kishacoquillas Creek. I didn't have the room for all three spans, but two spans was ideal. Since Central Valley didn't offer anything longer than 70', I waited for the Walthers 90' spans, which recently arrived.