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Impediment to Operations | In Progress

Main Line


QC operation

Lewistown Junction (XA)

QC operationland forms, paint ground, cinders, ballast, ad hoc scenery

Roundhouse Road

control panel, QC operation, ad hoc scenery

LEWIS / Granville Bridge

re-attach switch machine, QC operation, filler ties, paint track, joint compound, backdrop, land forms, stain bridge, paint ground, cinders, ballast, water, ad hoc scenery


ballast, ad hoc scenery


QC operation

Lewistown Secondary

Lewistown Junction (XA)

control panel, scale trackQC operation, roundhouse track and power, ad hoc scenery

Juniata Bridge

 land forms, backdrop, water, replace fascia, ad hoc scenery

Lewistown (LN) and Furnace Branch Siding (future)

spike turnouts, switch machines, control panel, car card boxes, sort rail, filler ties, paint track, paint ground, cinders, ballast, ad hoc scenery

Milroy Secondary

Lewistown (LN)

switch machines, control panel, car card box, filler ties, paint track, paint ground, cinders, ballast, backdrop, ad hoc scenery

Lewistown (3902)

land forms, filler ties, paint track, paint ground, cinders, ballast, water, fascia, car card box, backdrop, ad hoc scenery

Menzies (3903)

ad hoc scenery

Burnham (3904)

filler ties, paint track, land forms, paint ground, cinders, ballast, water, ad hoc scenery

Yeagertown (3905) and Standard Steel (future)

paint ground, cinders, ballast, ad hoc scenery

Mann (3906) and KV Junction

control panel, ad hoc scenery

Reedsville (3907) (future)

Honey Creek (3908) (future)

Shraders (3909) (future)

Naginey (3911) (future)

Milroy (3912)

filler ties, paint track, paint ground, move backdrop, ad hoc scenery

Pennsylvania Midland Railroad

Northward Relay Yard

subroadbed, track, track power, switch machines


subroadbed, roadbed and track, track power, switch machines, control panel, filler ties, paint track, cinders, ballast, ad hoc scenery

Black Valley (future)

Southward Relay Yard (future)

Flintstone (future)

Cumberland (staging) (future)

JMRI Projects

Mainline occupancy detection (PanelPro)

Mainline turnout control (PanelPro)

Mainline CTC (PanelPro)

Juniata / Kishacoquillas helixes occupancy panel (PanelPro)

JACKS repeater panel (PanelPro)

WALL repeater panel (PanelPro)

Mainline train automation (DispatcherPro)

Timetable (Timetable)

Supporting Infrastructure

Everett window finishing

Physical signals

Phone system


  Structure Contractor Design
  LEWIS Tower Joe Henry Kline (restoration)
Lewistown - Yard  
  Roundhouse Joe Henry Kline (restoration)
  Yard Office Joe Henry Kline (restoration)
  Bunk House Joe Henry Kline (restoration)
  Sand House Joe Henry Kline (restoration)
  Ash Hoist Joe Henry Kline (restoration)
  Coal Tower Joe Henry Kline (restoration)
  Water Tower RailWorks 100,000 gallon tank
  Viscose Co. complex Walthers Empire Leather Tanning Co.
  Walthers Plant No. 4 (background)
  Passenger Station Joe Henry Kline (restoration)
  REA Building Joe Henry Kline (restoration)
  Apartment Building Joe Henry Kline (restoration)
Lewistown - Downtown  
  Hotel Lewistown   scratch
  St. Marks Episcopal Church    
  115-117 Water Street (duplex)    
  119-125 Water Street (quadplex)    
  Franciscus Co. (cement warehouse)  

part of Trackside Oill Dealer with Storage Tanks 

  Franciscus Co. (lumber sheds) Walthers Walton and Sons Lumber Company
  Franciscus Co. (warehouse)   part of Trackside Oill Dealer with Storage Tanks 
  Mann Edge Tool Co.   scratch
  32 S. Dorcas Street (Yearick's Dray) Woodland Scenics/DPM B. Moore Catalog/Showroom (kitbash)
  34 S. Dorcas Street (Stoicheff Auto Parts) Carolina Craftsman Kits The Roudabush Building
  ??? Water Street (apartments) Woodland Scenics/DPM Townhouse #3 (kitbash)
  Freight Station   scratch
  Harrisburg Auto Parts    
  Manino's Banana Warehouse    
  Highway Department    
  Grandma's House (tribute) Walthers Aunt Lucy's House (kitbash)
  M. W. Brandt (lumber and coal)    
  Montgomery Ward    
  Lewistown Frozen Food Service, Coble's, et al    
  Hoffman Co. (coal and lumber) Walthers O. L. King & Sons Coal Yard
  Texas Co. (oil) Walthers  part of Trackside Oill Dealer with Storage Tanks 
Lewistown - Northeast  
  Atlantic Refining Co. No. 2 (oil) Walthers Interstate Fuel & Oil
  Spanogle-Yeager Milling Co.    
  J. H. Miller (sand)    
  TBD Railroad Kits Reaghan Feed Mill
  Passenger Station   scratch
  Freight Station    
  TBA (tribute) Bar Mills Saulena's Tavern
  Kovalchik Salvage    
  Suburban Atlantic States Gas Company Walthers Propane Tanks
  Dicken's Cider (fictitious) Walthers Arrowhead Ale (background)
  Standard Steel Walthers Rolling Mill
  Walthers Electric Furnace
  Walthers Northern Light & Power Sub Station
  Walthers Coke Retort
  Acetalene Plant    
  Katie's   scratch
  Pavlov's Dogs (fictitious) FOS Scale Models Tiny Lou's Grill
  J. M. Yeager No. 1 (coal)   scratch
  J. M. Yeager No. 2 (lumber) Walthers Clayton County Lumber
  xxx (abondoned) xxx xxx
    City Classics Company Houses
  TBA (tribute) Railroad Kits Boilermakers Beer and Ale
  N. O. Reardick (farm implements) FOS Scale Models Gardiner's Tack, Field & Farrier
  Belleville Flour Mills    
Lewistown - Furnace Branch Siding  
  Sun Oil Co. (oil)    
  J. Krentzman (junk)    
  Lewistown Ice & Storage   scratch
  Juniata Gas & Oil Co.    
  Lewis Stikin (junk)    
  Penna. Edison Co.    
  American Gas Co. (oil)    
  Overhead Door Co.    
  ex-Susquehanna Silk Mill    
  Marker's Store    
Honey Creek   
  TBA (tribute) FOS Scale Models  Barlow's Smokehouse
  Slate Rock & Gravel Walthers Valley Aggregates
  TBD Walthers Valley Cement
  The Daily Slab    
  The Stone Pony    
  Loyal Order of Water Buffalo    
  Engine House Walthers Two Stall Engine House
  Diesel Fueling/Sanding Rack    
  LCL Facility complex Walthers Railway Express Agency
  Walthers Water Street Freight Terminal

Universal Exports

Walthers Commissary/Freight Transfer Building (background)
  Vandelay Industries    
  Wayne Enterprises    
  Euclid Avenue Cab Co.    
  Presto Pizzeria    
Black Valley   
Other Kits on Shelf   
    American Model Builders PRR New Freedom Depot
    Walthers Grocery Distributor
    Walthers Superior Paper
    Walthers Lakeside Shipping
    Walthers Golden Flame Fuel Co.
  LCL Expansion (Everett) Walthers Water Street Freight Station (2nd kit)
  Acetalene Plant (Yeagertown) Walthers American Millwork Co.
    Walthers Interstate Fuel & Oil (2nd kit)
    Walthers New River Mining Company
    Walthers PRR Block Station
    FOS Scale Models Green Cab Co.
  ? Milroy Carolina Craftsman Kits H. J. Mull Store
Candidate Structures 
    Railroad Kits Fulsome Inn
    Fos Scale Models Shakey's Pool Hall & Bar
    Fos Scale Models Jimmy D’s Bar & Grill
    Fos Scale Models The Pub Crawl
    Walthers Sunrise Feed Mill
    Walthers National Fuel Supply Co.
    Walthers Miss Bettie’s Diner
    Bar Mills Star Diner
    Bar Mills Booty Corner
    Bar Mills Fenster’s Farm Fresh
    Bar Mills Four Fingered Tony’s
    Bar Mills Mooney’s Plumbing
    Bar Mills Potter’s Pub
    Bar Mills Sweaty Betty’s
    Woodland Scenics Deuce's Bike Shop
    Woodland Scenics Betty's Burning Building
  TBA (tribute)   Woodland Scenics Duggan’s Paint Store
  Carolina Craftsman Newport Hardware Company
    Mine Mount Models Palzer's Plumbing Supply
    Mine Mount Models Randy's Auto Repair

IMG 4103

Movement of Trains

Following the Sequence of Trains sheet, the LEWIS operator controls movements through the WALL, LEWIS, and JACKS interlockings via a JMRI-based US&S CTC machine, setting routes and signals as appropriate. 

The LEWIS operator maintains telephone communication with the Lewistown Junction yard, coordinating moves between the yard and the main line. 

The LEWIS operator maintains telephone communication with crews on the Lewistown Secondary, Milroy Secondary, and the Selinsgrove Secondary. Movement of trains on these tracks is at restricted speed and is permitted at the discretion of the LEWIS operator. 

Movement of Trains on the Main Line

CTC Instructions to Come

Movement of Trains on the Secondaries

The operator manages movements on the secondaries via a magnet board. Permission to move on the secondary is verbal, as passenger operations had ceased in 1941. Speed on the secondary is restricted, so all crews must proceed prepared to stop.

The magnet board simulates the track chart from 1919, with the trackage updated to the 1950s. Lewistown Yard is at left; Milroy at right. Vertical stripes indicate mile posts. A "T" indicates the location of a telephone box; a "W" a water tower; a "FP" a freight/passenger station; "F" a freight station; and "P" a passenger station. Yard limits are indicated by "YL". The red line across the bottom of the track chart indicates trackage not modeled (more will be activated in the future).

IMG 4112 IMG 4113

When a crew first calls in requesting clearance, locate the magnet representing their locomotive. The locomotive number is on the magnet as well as the steam or diesel locomotive class. Place the magnet on the track schematic at the location of the telephone box ("T") the crew is calling from, with the arrow of the magnet indicating the direction of the train.

If permission is granted to proceed, take a magnet labeled "ORDER: STOP" and place it on the track schematic at the end of the segment for which permission to proceed is authorized. It should be at another telephone box ("T") location.

Here, locomotive 8014, an H10s 2-8-0, is at Menzies and has been authorized to proceed to Yeagertown:

IMG 4114

When the train gets to the STOP location, the crew should call for further instructions. If further clearance is autorized, repeat the above process. If the train has work at the current location, turn the magnet vertically to indicate the crew is working locally.

#8014 is now working at Yeagertown:

IMG 4115

There may be times when a train desires to leave a string of cars on a siding as they work. For instance, a train heading to Milroy may leave part of its train in Yeagertown. The crew must call for authorization to do so. If approved, place an "OCCUPIED" magnet on the track in question.

#8014 is now proceeding towards Milroy, having left a string of cars in the Yeagertown siding:

IMG 4116

Record of Trains

The operator records all movements on the tower's Record of Trains sheet.

Record of Trains Instructions to Come

Digitrax Throttles

The PRR Middle Division utilizes a Digitrax digital command control (DCC) system. Operators are encouraged to bring their own Digitrax throttles. Wireless throttles are supported.

A limited number of Digitrax UT4 throttles are available for those who do not provide their own throttles.

 Digitrax UT4 Series Throttle Manual

SmartPhone ThrottlesiPhone 5 Throttle

To use your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch with JMRI as a throttle, you run the WiThrottle app on the iPhone or iPod Touch. The basic application is available for free download from the iTunes store.

To use your Android device with JMRI as a throttle, you run the Engine Driver program or Digitrains on the Android device. These free apps are available from the Google Play Store or the EngineDriver site.

Follow the configuration instructions for the respective application. The wireless network SSID is PRR and the server to connect to is Lewistown. (The Supervisor will provide the password on-site.)

Web Browser Throttles

webThrottle runs on the most recent browsers on computers, smartphones and tablets. The device and browser must support HTML5 and websockets.  It has been tested on Safari, Firefox and Google Chrome running on Windows, MAC, iPad/iPhone and Android - it should run on Internet Explorer 10. There is nothing to install on the device! webThrottle is completely resizable and it ajusts automatically to the size and orientation of the device screen.

The wireless network SSID is PRR and the server to connect to is (The Supervisor will provide the password on-site.)


"A Modeler's Life" Podcast

A Modeler's Life

"Springfield 2020 Recap" released February 11, 2020.

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A Modeler's Life on Patreon

"The Kelly Questions" released September 10, 2018.


"A Modeler's Life" Podcast

A Modeler's Life

Episode 97: "Interview" released May 7, 2018.

"2016 Annual Meeting Models – 2"

The Keystone Modeler, Autumn 2016

On page 18, a photo and description of my mid-train lounge "bash" of class PS6L Sumac Falls. This was part of a PRR-Pro project. 

"Building the PRR Middle Division: Mann's Narrows and My Take On SuperTrees"

Susquehanna Sidetracks, January 2014

The first finished part of the model railroad, which earned me the Scenery AP certificate. Pages 9-12. 

"Building the PRR Middle Division: Yeagertown and Control Panels"

Susquehanna Sidetracks, May 2013

The Yeagertown location and my approach to control panels. Pages 10-12.

"Building the PRR Middle Division: Introduction"

Susquehanna Sidetracks, March 2013

Narrative overview of the model railroad's concept and plan. Pages 7-9.


All trains run as extras per prototype practice. The employee timetable does not provide timetable authority.

Movement of trains is based on a Sequence of Trains table. Sequences for each line are independent from one another.

Main Line Operations

Crews follow signal indication and operate their trains out of staging, proceed through Lewistown, and return to staging.

Some trains will originate or terminate at Lewistown. Crews will follow signal indication to/from the yard.

Secondary Line Operations

All non-main line trackage is categorized as secondary lines. Secondary lines have no passenger traffic (or they would be “branches”).

Authority to proceed is granted verbally at the leisure of the LEWIS tower operator via telephone.

The LEWIS operator will grant permission between points on the secondary line. Crews must contact the tower operator by telephone to indicate that they have reached their destination so as to clear the block.

All movements on secondary tracks are at restricted speeds with crews responsible for stopping short of obstacles or other trains.

There are numerous “yard limits” along the secondary lines. Movements within the yard limits are coordinated among affected crews.

Train Order Cards

A Train Order card is included at the front of every train packet. The card provides the train symbol, the train name (if one), the class, the origin, and the destination of the train.

An Instructions area provides information such as stops or work to be performed during the course of operation of the train.

train orders


Notifications of operating sessions and open houses are made via e-mail to existing crew, FaceBook, and OperatingSessions.com.

There is no need for prospective attendees to register for an open house.

Operating sessions do require prospective attendees to register via OperatingSessions.com. Registration will be closed once a set number of positions is filled.

Existing crew will receive a special registration code within their e-mail notice of the session. This code will provide preferential registration for 48 hours before new crew are accepted.

OperatingSessions.com instructions to come

Source Documentation

The operation of the PRR Middle Division is intended to adhere to prototype practice where possible and reasonable. The following are links to prototype documents for reference.

The Rules for Conducting Transportation (a.k.a. Book of Rules) is the general “rule book” for the entire railroad.

The Eastern Region, Middle Division, Employee Timetable #7 includes rules specific to the locations depicted as well as timetable schedules for passenger and freight traffic.

The Makeup of Trains includes the specific consists of all of the passenger trains passing through the locations depicted.

The Through Freight Train Schedules Between Principal Points includes the blocking information and makeup of all freight trains passing through the locations depicted.

The Appendix to General Notice No. 234-B: Local Arranged Freight Train Service, Eastern Region provides information on intradivisional local freight service.


Operating sessions run on a 2:1 fast clock and alternate between two scenarios:

  • The First Trick scenario depicts a 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. shift. All scheduled trains are run plus local service on the secondary lines. Mineral trains and other extras are operated as capacity and crews allow.
  • The Second Trick scenario depicts a 3:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. shift, with a break, and resumes at 3:00 a.m. to 7:00 a.m. All scheduled trains are run. In addition, non-prototypical local service is operated on the secondary lines. Mineral trains and other extras are operated as capacity and crews allow.

The schedule is derived from the prototype Employee Timetable and provides target o/s times at LEWIS. The ETT provides times at LEWIS for passenger trains. The ETT provides start and end times between Altoona and Harrisburg/Enola for freight trains; time at LEWIS is interpolated.

As it is impractical to separately model each and every train on the schedule, the approach is to group trains by typical consist and create a model consist for each group. These "composite" trains then run multiple times, but as different symbols (freight) or named (passenger) trains. You may view the representative and prototype consists by clicking on the train symbol on the Sequence of Trains document.




EFFECTIVE February 4, 2020


Welcome to the Pennsylvania Railroad's Middle Division!

Congratulations on signing on; we wish you the best during your tenure as an operator on the line.

The Middle Division maintains an Employee Directory, a Seniority Roster, and confers the status of Seniority Roster upon employees that meet the criteria. 


Crew members draw numbered chips from a bag before each session. The individuals select their jobs in the order of the numbers drawn, starting with #1.

In this manner, all crew members have equal opportunity to select various jobs over the course of their career.

The Call Board

The call board is divided into two sections.

Down the left side are static positions, such as yardmasters and tower operators.

Down the right side are road positions, both mainline and secondary. When enough people are available, trains may run with both an engineer and a conductor. Running with two-person crews is a good way to train newcomers in rules and procedures so they can gain the experience to operate on their own.

photo to come

Mr. Chairman, Board Members, Employes and Stockholders,

The Office of the Chief Engineer is pleased to share with you this report of construction progress on the Pennsylvania Railroad, Middle Division, as of the end of the Fourth Quarter, 2019:

Middle Division Construction Progress
Location Surveying
Track Final Grading
(est., act.)
Middle Division Main Line
 Harrisburg/Enola (staging) 100%  100%  N/A Q2 2014
 WALL Interlocking 100%  100%  N/A Q2 2014
 Lewistown Junction (XA ) 100%  100%  40% Q1 2014
 LEWIS Interlocking 100%  100%  10% Q1 2015
 Ryde (268-270) 100%  100%  25% Q4 2014
 Vineyard (272) (stairway underpass) 100%  100%  N/A Q2 2014
 JACKS Interlocking 100%  100%  N/A Q3 2014
 Altoona (staging) 100%  100%  N/A Q3 2014
Lewistown Secondary
 Lewistown Junction (XA) 100%  80%  5% Q1 2017 
 Juniata Helix 100%  100%  N/A Q3 2013
 Lewistown (LN) 100%  80%  0% Q1 2017
 Furnace Branch Siding (LN) 0%  0%  0% Future Expansion
   Milroy Secondary
 Lewistown (LN) 100%  100%  50% Q3 2016
 Kishacoquillas Helix 100%  100%  N/A Q3 2015
 Lewistown (3902) 100%  100%  25% Q2 2016
 Menzies (3903, stairway overpass) 100%  100%  50% Q2 2015
 Burnham (3904, west half) 100%  85%  0% Q2 2015
 Burnham (3904, east half) 100%  100%  10% Q4 2013
      Standard Steel Company 100%  10% 0% TBD
 Yeagertown (3905) 100%  85% 10% Q1 2013
 Mann's Narrows (3906) 100%  100%  100% Q3 2013
 KV Junction (3907) 50% 50%  10% Q3 2013
 Reedsville (3907) 0%  0%  0% Future Expansion
 Honey Creek (3908) 0%  0%  0% Future Expansion
 Naginey (3911) 0%  0%  0% Future Expansion
 Milroy (3912) 100%  100%  10% Q1 2016
Susquehanna Division: Selinsgrove Secondary
 Selinsgrove (staging) 100%  0%  N/A TBD
Pennsylvania Midland

 Northward Relay Tracks (staging)

0% 0% N/A Future Expansion
 Everett 50% 0% 0% Future Expansion
​ Black Valley 50% 20% 0% Future Expansion
 Southward Relay Tracks (staging) 0% 0% N/A Future Expansion
 Flintstone 0% 0% 0% Future Expansion


An exploration of the glory days of transporting the POTUS (President of the United States) by rail. Discussion includes the Ferdinand Magellan, an armored rail car modified just for the task. A deep dive will focus on one specific trip over the Pennsylvania and the Bellefonte Central railroads.

Presented at the PRRT&HS Northern Central Chapter meeting on September 8th 2019; scheduled for RPM EAST in March 2020; and tentatively scheduled for the PRRT&HS Annual Meeting in May 2020.


A look at the pair of dual track main lines that ran from Wago Junction, Pa., to BANKS tower at Marysville, Pa,

Presented at the PRRT&HS Northern Central Chapter meeting in April 2012 and the PRRT&HS Annual Meeting in May 2012.

In The Works...


A presentation of the history and infrastructure of the Pennsylvania Railroad's Middle Division at Lewistown, Pa., its yard there, and the Lewistown Secondary heading east from there. Discussion will include the speaker's modeling based on available information on the prototype.


A presentation of the history and infrastructure of the Pennsylvania Railroad's Milroy Secondary out of Lewistown, Pa.. Discussion will include the speaker's modeling based on available information on the prototype.

Reporting to the division superintendent, the supervisor is the railroad's executive at the local level. 

Supervisor 43, "LEWISTOWN", covers the main line from milepost 156.0 to 186.5, including the Denholm coal wharf, the Lewistown station, and WALL and LEWIS interlockings; the Lewistown Secondary; and the Milroy Secondary.

The Freight Agent collects car requests from online customers and forwards waybills to the Lewistown Yardmaster.

Duties During Operating Sessions

  • Interfaces with suborindate crew and operators as needed
  • Performs all necessary supervisory functions
  • Oversees and performs emergency maintenance

Duties Between Operating Sessions

  • At each switching area, selectively move car cards from Hold bin to Outbound bin
  • At each switching area, move all car cards from Inbound bin to Hold bin
  • Generate new empty car requests from online customers and forward to Lewistown Yard
  • Fill empty car requests per orders from Lewistown Yard; provide via intradivisional trains indicated below
  • Restock beverages

Additional Duties Between Scenario 1 and Scenario 2

  • Re-stage S-70 as S-71 (Northumberland)
  • Re-stage M-23 at Mount Union as M-19 at Newport (Staging 4-2)
  • Re-stage M-27 as M-26 (Staging 2-6)
  • Re-stage M-9 for next eastbound run (Staging 3-4)

Additional Duties Between Scenario 2 and Scenario 1

  • Re-stage M-18 at Newport as M-22 at Mount Union (Staging 1-1)
  • Re-stage M-16 for next westbound run (Staging 2-1)
  • On train 2, the Pennsylvania Limited, rotate last sleeper in consist for next run (Staging 1-2)
  • If train 3 was run, the Penn Texas, rotate last sleeper in consist for next run (Staging 4-4)

pm header

Series Represented Type Prototype Notes Model Notes
Diesel Switchers
50-69 series TBD, TBD, TBD    Alco S-2   Atlas
Diesel Road Switchers
70-79 series TBD, TBD, TBD, TBD   Alco RS-3    Atlas
80-89 series TBD, TBD   Alco RSD-5    Atlas
Diesel Cab Units
90-99 series TBD  Alco FA2   Proto
TBD  Alco FB2   Proto
TBD  Alco PA1   Proto
TBD  Alco PA2   Proto


     GB Gondola   AccuRail 3700 Series AAR 41' Steel Gondola
     HM Hopper, Steel, 50 ton   AccuRail 2500 Series USRA Coal Hopper
     HT Hopper, Steel, 70 ton   AccuRail 7500 Series 70-Ton Offset Side Triple Hopper
1830, 1862, 1898  HT Hopper, Steel, 70 ton

10, leased from Virginian & Ohio1, 2

AccuRail 7500 Series 70-Ton Offset Side Triple Hopper
39587, 39624, 39639, 39763  HT Hopper, Steel, 70 ton 20, leased from Allegheny Midland1, 2 AccuRail 7500 Series 70-Ton Offset Side Triple Hopper
     XM Box Car   AccuRail 3500 Series 40' Single Door Steel Boxcar


100-199 series TBD  Rail Motor Car   Bachmann Spectrum
TBD  Trailer Car   Bachmann Spectrum


1 TBD  Business Car   Bachmann Spectrum
200-209 series TBD, TBD,
 NE Caboose   Atlas

1 Not for interchange.

2 Hoppers leased pending arrival of new hoppers.



Series Represented Type Prototype Notes Model Notes
 Steam Locomotives
20-23    2-8-0 Consolidation    #20, Ex-PRR class H9s No. 3485;
 #21, Ex-PRR class H9s No. 1691;
 #23, Ex-PRR class H9s No. 444
Diesel Switchers
5323    EMD SW9     


50    Box    


3    Combine    
4    Coach    
7    Combine    
15    Combine    
100    Gas Powered Coach     


100    Plow  Russell Snow Plow  
100-103    NE Caboose  #102, Ex-Army staff car  
     Evans Autorailer     


Huntingdon Broad Top Mountain Railroad Stock Cert

Series Represented Type Prototype Notes Model Notes
 Steam Locomotives
31-40  TBD

 2-8-0 Consolidation

   Broadway Limited Imports


3753-3808 TBD, TBD, TBD, TBD  GB Gondola, Steel, 46', 70 ton    Westerfield
202    HM Gondola, Steel, 50 ton    
3253-3743  TBD, TBD, TBD  HM Hopper, Steel, 30', 50 ton    Westerfield


14    Miner's Coach    
27    Coach    
5436    RPO  Ex-PRR class MBM62 #5436  
     Baggage  Ex-PRR class B60b  


2    Wrecking Crane    
15-17  TBD  NE Caboose  Ex-PRR class ND  
X20    Idler Flat    

The Middle Division uses a "car card and waybill" system for freight car movements. The system is described on the following pages:

Car Cards


Local Switching

The Mechanical Department of the Pennsylvania Railroad, Middle Division, seeks vendors to develop the following motive power and rolling stock:

Builder Description  PRR Class  Notes  Most Likely Manufacturer 
 0-6-0 Switcher  B6sb    
 2-8-0 Consolidation  H9s (3)    Broadway Limited Imports
 4-8-2 Mountain  M1 (4)    Broadway Limited Imports
 Alco PA1/PB1  AP20  DGLE five stripe  
 Alco RS-1  AS10m/AS10ams
 Alco RS-3 Phase I  AS16m    Bowser
 Alco RS-3 Phase I  
 AS16m    Bowser
 Alco RSD-5  AS16a    
 Alco RSD-7  APS24ms    
 Baldwin VO-660  BS6    Bowser
 Baldwin DS 4-4-600  BS6a    
 Baldwin DS 4-4-750  BS7/BS7m    
 Baldwin DRS 4-4-1000  BS10as    
 Baldwin RT-624  BS24/BS24m    
 EMD F3 A-B  EF15  Small numberboards,
 Phase II Early features
 Announced by Broadway Limited Imports. Pending delivery to confirm number boards
 EMD F3 A-B  EF15  Small numberboards,  
 Phase II Late features
 EMD F3 A-B  EF15  Small numberboards,
 Phase III features
 EMD F3 A-B  EF15  Small numberboards,
 Phase IV features
 EMD SW/SW1  ES6  As Delivered scheme  Walthers Proto
 EMD SW9  ES12/ES12m    
 EMD GP7  ES15m  Dynamic brakes  Athearn Genesis
 EMD GP9  EFS17m (2)    Athearn Genesis
 FM H12-44  FS12/FS12m    
 FM H20-44  FS20/FS20m    
 BLH T2500  LS25/LS25m    
 ACF Baggage Dorm  BD85    
 Altoona Coach Rebuild  P70GS (1)    
 Altoona Coach Rebuild  P70K (4)    
 Coach Baggage  PLB85 (1)    
 Altoona Cafe Coach  D78ED    
 Budd Diner  D85A    
 Pullman "Presidents" Sleeper  POS211 (1)  Plan 4134,
 2 DR-1 Cmpt-1 DBR
 Walthers - Very minor mod
 to existing VIEW car.
 Box Car  X40 (1)
 X40A (1)
 X40B (1)
 X40C (1)
   Funaro & Camerlengo 
 Box Car  X41 (1)
 X41A (1)
 X41B (1)
 X41C (1)
   Funaro & Camerlengo
 Flat Car  F30D (6+)  Equipped for
 TrucTrain service.
 Funaro & Camerlengo 
 Gondola  G31 (5)
 G31A (10)
 G31C (1)
 G31D (2)
 G31E (1)
   Funaro & Camerlengo
 or Tangent Scale Models
 Gondola  G34 (4)    Funaro & Camerlengo 
 Gondola  G35 (6)    Funaro & Camerlengo 
 Gondola  G27 (4)    Funaro & Camerlengo

A few house rules:

  • No surprise visits! If you would like to operate on the railroad, please gain permission in advance.
  • If you have to cancel your attendance at a session, please do so in a timely manner so that an operator on the stand-by list may be offered your position.
  • Please plan to attend the entire session as an early departure may adversely affect the experience of the other operators.
  • Please do not bring guests without first gaining permission.
  • No children under the age of 16.
  • You may park in the street or the driveway. Limit parking in the driveway to the left hand side, as far forward as the lamp post; do not park on the right side.
  • The powder room is on the first floor, opposite the door to the basement.
  • Soft drinks are available in the train room's refrigerator, please help yourself. A recyclables container is located opposite the foot of the stairs.
  • Handle locomotives and rolling stock with extreme care. They are not only expensive, but have very delicate parts, including but not limited to, grab irons, brake wheels, etc.
  • Hand throws on switches are for decoration only! All switches are powered and are operated either by a tower operator or via toggle switch on the fascia.
  • When switching within an area, “normalize” all switches when leaving the area. The switch is in the normal position when the panel indicator is green.
  • Have fun!




Duncannon is one of many towns along the Middle Division main line where the railroad originally went through town. As the town grew, it impeded the railroad. The railroad bypassed the town to avoid grade crossings, etc.

1911 Sanborn Maps

sb duncannon 1911 2 sb duncannon 1911 3 sb duncannon 1911 4 sb duncannon 1911 5
sb duncannon 1911 6 sb duncannon 1911 7 sb duncannon 1911 8 sb duncanon 1911 1


Sherman's Creek Bridge

Public Dely. (MP 14.7)

Passenger and Freight Station (MP 14.8)

The building was commissioned in 1900 and completed in 1902. Blue Ridge Communications, a cable company, purchased the building in 2005. After totally remodeling the building and trying to keep it as original as possible, but still making it functional, the building had a grand re-opening in 2009.

originalDuncanonstationOriginal depot on the old line through town.  DuncanonDepot 11Depot on the new line bypassing town.

Public Dely. (MP 15.1)

Standard Novelty Works (MP 15.5)

The Standard Novelty Works was the manufacturer of the Lightning Glider brand of sleds.

  oldseldworksThe building survives today as The Old Sled Works antique mall.



Mainline crews communicate with tower operators, when needed, via train phone. Train phone is simulated via lineside telephone.

Secondary crews communicate with tower operators via lineside phones. Locations of lineside phones are indicated on fascia control panels and represented trackside; locomotives/cabins should be stopped close to lineside phones for the convenience of the crews.

Until such time that lineside phones are implemented, crews shall walk to the tower operator to communicate. The act of walking to the tower operator shall simulate the act of walking to the lineside telephone. FRS radio shall be used temporarily between the yardmaster and the tower operator.

mifflin 04 1940
Mifflin, 1940s



1925 Sanborn Maps

sb mifflin 1925 1 sb mifflin 1925 4 sb mifflin 1925 5




Wm. H. Manbeck Co. No. 1 (MP 48.9)

Wm. H. Manbeck Co. No. 2 (MP 48.9)


Station (MP 49.0)



Mifflin shops