Bethlehem Steel Co. No. 1

Does anyone have 1950s era photos of this location?

Listed as James C. Naginey and A. G. Morris No. 9 in 1900 CT1000.

Listed as Cambria Steel Co. No. 1--Stone Siding in 1923 CT1000.

Listed in 1945 CT1000.  

Photo is of an NRHS excursion train passing the tipple at Naginey in 1937.


Bethlehem Steel Co. No. 2

Listed as James Naginey in 1923 CT1000.

Listed in 1945 CT1000. 


Listed in 1923 CT1000.

Not listed in 1945 CT1000. (Passenger service ceased in 1941.) 

Naginey shelter, 1917:
1917 naginey shelter