1917 naginey shelter

Heritage: Mifflin & Centre County Railroad

CT 1000, 1945: Eastern Region, Eastern Pennsylvania Division, Middle Division, Milroy Branch

Middle Division ETT, 1954: Eastern Region, Middle Division, Milroy Secondary

Naginey was named for Charles Naginey and is the site of a vast limestone quarry.

Bethlehem Steel Co. No. 1

Listed as James C. Naginey and A. G. Morris No. 9 in 1900 CT1000.

Listed as Cambria Steel Co. No. 1--Stone Siding in 1923 CT1000.

Listed in 1945 CT1000.  

nagineytipplePhoto is of an NRHS excursion train passing the tipple at Naginey in 1937.

Hurricane Agnes in 1972 washed away much of the railroad right-of-way. It was not rebuilt east of Yeagertown, so the quarry was no longer rail-served. It remains active today as Eastern Industries, Inc., and is served by truck.

Bethlehem Steel Co. No. 2

Listed as James Naginey in 1923 CT1000. Listed in 1945 CT1000. 

Susan Yosten shared a 1940 PRR memo regarding the traffic at Water and Main streets in Lewistown. It cited "Stone train to and from Naginey, 24 movements per week." That suggests that, as of this date, there were two stone trains daily.

Early topographic map.

Note the tail track. This is not shown on the railroad's track charts or valuation maps as they are within the property of the customer. This was my first hint that this trackage existed.

naginey topo
1938 aerial view. naginey 1938
1957 aerial view. naginey 1957

1975 aerial view.

Rail cars are visible, but they had become stranded following the 1972 hurricane Agnes flood.

naginey 1975
1976 aerial photo. naginey 1976

PRR.v16.01.PA 10 1918c20 Sunbury Div Milroy Branch Naginey.low 1918 valuation map 16.01.PA-10 updated to 1920.

  • East entrance to Bethlehem Steel is at center below "Naginey" label.

PRR.v16.01.PA 10 1918r39c49 Sunbury Div Milroy Branch Naginey.low 1918 valuation map 16.01.PA-10 updated to 1949.

  • East entrance to Bethlehem Steel has been shifted eastward to the upper right.
  • Passenger shelter has been removed.


Four photos of the grade crossing at Naginey in 1924. It is unknown why this study was done; perhaps a precursor to modernizing the dirt road.
naginey crossing1 naginey crossing2
naginey crossing4 naginey crossing5



Listed in 1923 CT1000. Not listed in 1945 CT1000.

The PRR Comptrollers Office listing of Map Revisions indicates the shelter was removed March 21, 1928.

Naginey shelter, 1917:
1917 naginey shelter