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Jerry Britton's PRR Middle Division in HO Scale

applause-clipart-applause.jpgThere are a number of folks that I would like to thank for providing me with answers to my research, source material, photographs,etc.

Rich Ader - Lewistown resident who knows the people I need to know!

Michael Bezilla - Author; Bellefonte Central R. R. historian.

Dan Cupper - Author; grew up in Lewistown.

Paul Fagley - Author “Memories of Kishocoquillas Park”; authority on Mann Axe and other industries.


Forest Fisher - Author “Mifflin County: Then and Now”; president, Mifflin County Historical Society.

David Goehring - Last Yardmaster at Lewistown under PRR.

Matthew Hurst - Huntingdon & Broad Top Mountain R. R. historian.

Bob Johnson - Grew up in Lewistown.

Pat McKinney - Retired Conrail/Norfolk Southern maintenance of way.

William Riddleberger - Family owned Lewistown Ice & Storage. He worked there as a teenager scooping ice. The warehouse was commonly used for apples.

John Snyder - Grew up in Lewistown; watched trains from eastbound platform.