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The Milroy Secondary began life as the Mifflin and Centre County Railroad (M&CC), incorporated on April 2, 1860. The Pennsylvania Railroad assisted in the construction of the first seven miles of the line, to Reedsville, which was completed by May 1, 1865. The M&CC then initiated a 999 year lease with the PRR to operate the line. By January 6, 1868, the line reached Milroy.

In 1896, the M&CC merged with the nearby Sunbury & Lewistown Railway Company. The PRR executed a new 79 year operating lease on October 1, 1896. Several minor reorgs occured, culminating in the line being merged into the Pennsylvania Railroad as of April 1, 1902.

Having spent most of its life operating as part of the PRR's Lewistown Division, the newly absorbed line was detached for operating purposes from the Pennsylvania Railroad Grand Division and became part of the Philadelphia and Erie Grand Division.

No later than 1911, the line was part of the Sunbury Division. Sometime before September 25, 1927, the line was transferred to the Middle Division. 

See: Milroy Secondary Divisional Heritage.

The Kishacoquillas Valley R. R. operated passenger trains over the branch under an operating agreement through 1941. When passenger traffic was discontinued, the branch was redesignated a secondary, which changed the rules under which it operated.


Track Chart: Central Division, Sunbury Division: Selinsgrove to Lewistown, Milroy Branch, 1919

 1927 Division Accounting Map - Middle Division.  1941 Division Accounting Map - Middle Division.
PRR PF3735 Map of Line from Lewistown to Reedsville 1927 10 12 REH Lc100c 1927 map, Lewistown to Reedsville.  
Mifflin Centre Co. RR Profile PRR Milroy Branch REH Li150c Profile (grade) of the Mifflin and Centre County R.R.
Milroy Branch Grade Crossings 1956 1956 listing of public grade crossings on the Milroy Secondary.  


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Track Guide

The following is a tour of the Milroy Secondary, starting in Lewistown, Pa., and proceeding east to Milroy, Pa., based on the 1945 edition of the Pennsylvania Railroad CT1000 -- List of Stations and Sidings.

Click on the link of a location for more information (if available).

Location Notes
LN  Lewistown, Pa.  Junc. Middle Division - Lewistown Secondary 
 Bridge over Kishacoquillas Creek 
 3902   Lewistown, Pa.  Bridge over Kishacoquillas Creek
 3903  Menzies, Pa.  
3904  Burnham, Pa.  
 3905  Yeagertown, Pa.  Bridge over Kishacoquillas Creek
3906  Lower Mann, Pa.  Bridge over Kishacoquillas Creek
 Mann, Pa.  Bridge over Kishacoquillas Creek
 Junc. Kishacoquillas Valley Railroad
3907  Reedsville, Pa.  Junc. Kishacoquillas Valley Railroad
3908  Honey Creek, Pa.  
3909  Shraders, Pa.  
3911  Naginey, Pa.  
3912  Milroy, Pa.