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Pennsylvania Midland Railroad Company

Everett Terminal, located at Everett, Pa., is the heart of the Pennsylvania Midland and "The Midland Route".

For the Pennsylvania Midland, it is the site of the home shops for the railroad, its classification yard, and numerous industrial entities that are rail-served.

For "The Midland Route", it offers numerous relay tracks for bridge trains laying over. More importantly, it is the home of Everett Transfer, a less-than-carload transfer facility. Everett Transfer is a large operation, providing LCL sorting services for the Pennsylvania, New York Central, Reading, Baltimore & Ohio, Western Maryland, Penn Family Lines, and Pennsylvania Midland railroads.

Most bridge traffic is straight through and does not stop at Everett. When applicable, bridge trains drop and collect interchange blocks on the relay tracks outside of town. 

Bridge partners deliver LCL cars to Everett Transfer before 7 a.m. and pickup LCL cars after 3 p.m. Under bridge route arrangements, the bridge partner road crews are responsible for ferrying their LCL block between the relay tracks and Everett Transfer due to time constraints. 

Everett Terminal will be modeled on Jerry Britton's PRR Middle Division model railroad.

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