mo tower

The following table lists HO scale models of Pennsylvania Railroad towers that have been produced. Not all models indicated are readily available.


Tower NameLocationHO Scale
ALTO Altoona, PA The N Scale Architect1
AR Gallitzin, PA The N Scale Architect
BROWN (PRSL)   Walthers #933-2982
COLA Columbia, PA Mount Vernon Shops
CQ On the Conemaugh mainline on Pittsburgh's (PA) north side. Walthers #933-2982
HARRIS Harrisburg, PA The N Scale Architect4
JACKS Mt. Union, PA Gloorcraft (out of production)
Mountaineer Precision Products (out of production)3
LEMO (J) Lemoyne, PA GC Laser Innovations
Model Tech Studios2
MAPLE GROVE   Walthers #933-2982
MG "Mid Grade" between Altoona and Gallitzin, PA The N Scale Architect
MO Cresson, PA American Model Builders
NP   Walthers #933-2982
OVERBROOK , PA Walthers #933-2982
ROCKVILLE Harrisburg, PA DESIGNDYNE on Shapeways
WINSLOW (PRSL)   Walthers #933-2982
YORK York, PA Walthers #933-2982
Mount Vernon Shops
ZOO Philadelphia, PA DESIGNDYNE on Shapeways
generic 1880's   InterMountain


1A review of the N Scale Architect ALTO tower model appeared in The Keystone Modeler reveals that this model is, unfortunately, oversized. The HO scale model was estimated to actually be closer to 1:64 with the N scale model having been scaled down from there. The model was produced by estimating dimensions from photographs, which is unfortunate, as the tower exists to this day.

2The Model Tech Studios model of J / LEMO tower is incorrect on several fronts. The cupola is oversized, the window count is incorrect, and the window style is incorrect. While it may have the "flavor" of this tower, those desiring accuracy should look elsewhere.

3Mountaineer Precision Products had claimed on their web site that this model represents WORKS tower, but it doesn't match photographs (though it is similar). They have responded by e-mail that it should be JACKS tower, not WORKS. MPP further claimed they acquired plans through the PRRT&HS but also acknowledged that they acquired them through a PRRT&HS member acting in an unofficial capacity.

4HARRIS tower was released as an exclusive release of Merchandise Service, former business of Jerry Britton. In 2013, Britton allowed The N Scale Architect to re-release the model.


GC Laser.


Model Tech Studios.

Mount Vernon Shops.

Mountaineer Precision Products.

N Scale Architect.