IMG 0009Diesel Locomotives

  • Frame and walkways painted Black
  • Body painted Navy (Ace Premium Gloss Enamel)
  • "PENNSYLVANIA MIDLAND" lettering Futura Bold
    • White 
    • Above railing on hood units
    • Middle panel on cab units
    • 13 point first letters; 12 point remaining letters
  • Road number lettering Futura Bold
    • White
    • 18 points
    • Centered on cab below window on hood units
    • xxx on cab units

IMG 0010Cabooses

  • Frame and walkways painted Black
  • Body painted Navy (Ace Premium Gloss Enamel)
  • "PENNSYLVANIA MIDLAND" lettering Futura Bold
    • White 
    • Centered on body underneath windows
    • 13 point first letters; 12 point remaining letters
  • Optional "A Penn Family Line" lettering Futura Italic
    • White 
    • Centered on body underneath "PENNSYLVANIA MIDLAND"
    • 11 point letters
  • Road number lettering Futura Bold
    • White
    • 18 points
    • Centered on cupola underneath windows

Pennsylvania Railroad Technical & Historical Society

The Society's mission is to further scholarly learning and interest in the Pennsylvania Railroad (PRR) and its predecessor companies by stimulating and encouraging the collecting, researching, recording and preserving of all technical, historical and practical information concerning the PRR and to make this information available to interested persons in appropriate ways, such as publications, meetings, and the maintenance of a research archive. In addition, the Society hopes to further accurate modeling.

I have served on the Society's Modeling Committee, working with manufacturers to produce accurate PRR models.

Northern Central Chapter

I have served as chapter president, vice president, webmaster, and as a volunteer in the hosting of annual meetings.

New England Chapter

I have served as a volunteer in the hosting of annual meetings.

Middle Division Chapter

I have served as the chapter's webmaster.

footer logoNational Model Railroad Association

The National Model Railroad Association (NMRA), an organization of model railroaders, advances the worldwide scale model railroading community through education and standards as well as advocacy and fellowship.

logo vectorMid-Eastern Region

The Mid-Eastern Region (MER) is one of seventeen Regions within NMRA.  The MER includes Maryland, Virginia, Delaware, and the District of Columbia, plus parts of New Jersey, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and North Carolina.  There are about 2,000 members in the MER.  MER activities include at least one convention each year – normally in the fall.

Susquehanna Division

I have served as a director of the Division and as chair of the Events Committee. I have served as a volunteer in the annual model railroad open house event.

Operations Special Interest Group

The principal purpose of the Operations Special Interest Group (OPSIG) is to discuss, develop and disseminate ways of operating model railroads to realistically emulate practices of the prototype.



The Great Scale Model Train Show

The Great Scale Model Train Show for over 28 years has provided a marketplace for everyone who enjoys building, operating, or simply watching scale model railroads. It's the largest show in the country dedicated to "scale" model trains, -- model trains that are intended to be reasonably accurate scale models. Merchandise at the shows includes all the common scales from Z to large scale. And there's much more than just the trains -- shop for scenery, tools, electronics, parts, videos, books, buildin supplies, software, display cases... everything you could want to make your hobby more enjoyable! Held quarterly in Timonium, Md.

"A Modeler's Life" Podcast

A Modeler's Life

"Springfield 2020 Recap" released February 11, 2020.

"A Modeler's Life" Podcast

A Modeler's Life on Patreon

"The Kelly Questions" released September 10, 2018.


"A Modeler's Life" Podcast

A Modeler's Life

Episode 97: "Interview" released May 7, 2018.

"2016 Annual Meeting Models – 2"

The Keystone Modeler, Autumn 2016

On page 18, a photo and description of my mid-train lounge "bash" of class PS6L Sumac Falls. This was part of a PRR-Pro project. 

"Building the PRR Middle Division: Mann's Narrows and My Take On SuperTrees"

Susquehanna Sidetracks, January 2014

The first finished part of the model railroad, which earned me the Scenery AP certificate. Pages 9-12. 

"Building the PRR Middle Division: Yeagertown and Control Panels"

Susquehanna Sidetracks, May 2013

The Yeagertown location and my approach to control panels. Pages 10-12.

"Building the PRR Middle Division: Introduction"

Susquehanna Sidetracks, March 2013

Narrative overview of the model railroad's concept and plan. Pages 7-9.


Reporting to the division superintendent, the supervisor is the railroad's executive at the local level. 

Supervisor 43, "LEWISTOWN", covers the main line from milepost 156.0 to 186.5, including the Denholm coal wharf, the Lewistown station, and WALL and LEWIS interlockings; the Lewistown Secondary; and the Milroy Secondary.

The Freight Agent collects car requests from online customers and forwards waybills to the Lewistown Yardmaster.

Duties During Operating Sessions

  • Interfaces with suborindate crew and operators as needed
  • Performs all necessary supervisory functions
  • Oversees and performs emergency maintenance

Duties Between Operating Sessions

  • At each switching area, selectively move car cards from Hold bin to Outbound bin
  • At each switching area, move all car cards from Inbound bin to Hold bin
  • Generate new empty car requests from online customers and forward to Lewistown Yard
  • Fill empty car requests per orders from Lewistown Yard; provide via intradivisional trains indicated below
  • Restock beverages

Additional Duties Between Scenario 1 and Scenario 2

  • Re-stage S-70 as S-71 (Northumberland)
  • Re-stage M-23 at Mount Union as M-19 at Newport (Staging 4-2)
  • Re-stage M-27 as M-26 (Staging 2-6)
  • Re-stage M-9 for next eastbound run (Staging 3-4)

Additional Duties Between Scenario 2 and Scenario 1

  • Re-stage M-18 at Newport as M-22 at Mount Union (Staging 1-1)
  • Re-stage M-16 for next westbound run (Staging 2-1)
  • On train 2, the Pennsylvania Limited, rotate last sleeper in consist for next run (Staging 1-2)
  • If train 3 was run, the Penn Texas, rotate last sleeper in consist for next run (Staging 4-4)

Notifications of operating sessions and open houses are made via e-mail to existing crew, FaceBook, and OperatingSessions.com.

There is no need for prospective attendees to register for an open house.

Operating sessions do require prospective attendees to register via OperatingSessions.com. Registration will be closed once a set number of positions is filled.

Existing crew will receive a special registration code within their e-mail notice of the session. This code will provide preferential registration for 48 hours before new crew are accepted.

OperatingSessions.com instructions to come

The Middle Division uses a "car card and waybill" system for freight car movements. The system is described on the following pages:

Car Cards


Local Switching




EFFECTIVE February 4, 2020


Welcome to the Pennsylvania Railroad's Middle Division!

Congratulations on signing on; we wish you the best during your tenure as an operator on the line.

A few house rules:

  • No surprise visits! If you would like to operate on the railroad, please gain permission in advance.
  • If you have to cancel your attendance at a session, please do so in a timely manner so that an operator on the stand-by list may be offered your position.
  • Please plan to attend the entire session as an early departure may adversely affect the experience of the other operators.
  • Please do not bring guests without first gaining permission.
  • No children under the age of 16.
  • You may park in the street or the driveway. Limit parking in the driveway to the left hand side, as far forward as the lamp post; do not park on the right side.
  • The powder room is on the first floor, opposite the door to the basement.
  • Soft drinks are available in the train room's refrigerator, please help yourself. A recyclables container is located opposite the foot of the stairs.
  • Handle locomotives and rolling stock with extreme care. They are not only expensive, but have very delicate parts, including but not limited to, grab irons, brake wheels, etc.
  • Hand throws on switches are for decoration only! All switches are powered and are operated either by a tower operator or via toggle switch on the fascia.
  • When switching within an area, “normalize” all switches when leaving the area. The switch is in the normal position when the panel indicator is green.
  • Have fun!


Crew members draw numbered chips from a bag before each session. The individuals select their jobs in the order of the numbers drawn, starting with #1.

In this manner, all crew members have equal opportunity to select various jobs over the course of their career.

The Call Board

The call board is divided into two sections.

Down the left side are static positions, such as yardmasters and tower operators.

Down the right side are road positions, both mainline and secondary. When enough people are available, trains may run with both an engineer and a conductor. Running with two-person crews is a good way to train newcomers in rules and procedures so they can gain the experience to operate on their own.

photo to come

Mainline crews communicate with tower operators, when needed, via train phone. Train phone is simulated via lineside telephone.

Secondary crews communicate with tower operators via lineside phones. Locations of lineside phones are indicated on fascia control panels and represented trackside; locomotives/cabins should be stopped close to lineside phones for the convenience of the crews.

Until such time that lineside phones are implemented, crews shall walk to the tower operator to communicate. The act of walking to the tower operator shall simulate the act of walking to the lineside telephone. FRS radio shall be used temporarily between the yardmaster and the tower operator.