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adn logoThe Ashley, Drew and Northern Railway (reporting mark ADN) was a Class III railroad operating 40.7 miles of track between Monticello and Crossett, Arkansas. The railroad operated from 1912 until 1996.

My interest in the AD&N comes from the naming of my two children, Ashley and Andrew; didn't have a third to name Northern!


In 1905, the Crossett Lumber Company of Crossett, Arkansas, started its own rail line, the Crossett Railway, a 10-mile rail line that largely transported logs and lumber. In 1912, the Crossett Railway was sold to the newly created Crossett, Monticello & Northern Railroad, which had planned to build a line from Crossett north to Monticello, Arkansas.


The Ashley, Drew and Northern was incorporated on August 8, 1912, to build a railroad from Cremer to Monticello, Arkansas. The AD&N also purchased the Crossett, Monticello & Northern Railway at the same time and opened the line up to Monticello in July 1913. From 1914 until 1920, the Ashley, Drew and Northern was leased and operated by the Arkansas, Louisiana and Gulf Railway.

The Georgia-Pacific Corporation acquired control of the AD&N and the Crossett Lumber Company on July 31, 1963.
By the 1980s and 1990s, traffic included lumber, plywood, paper products and chemicals.[2] The railroad's headquarters office and enginehouse both were located in Crossett.


In early 1991, Georgia-Pacific formed the Arkansas, Louisiana and Mississippi Railroad subsidiary to purchase the rail line by the same name, whose owners had been planning to abandon it. Georgia-Pacific soon began transferring southbound traffic to the AL&M's nearby tracks because the AD&N's track was steeper and more expensive to maintain.

On June 25, 1995, Georgia-Pacific announced that the AD&N no longer had sufficient work to justify keeping the line open. On August 15, 1995, Georgia-Pacific petitioned the Interstate Commerce Commission to abandon 35 miles of the AD&N from Monticello to Whitlow Junction, Arkansas. The ICC granted the request to abandon the Ashley, Drew and Northern, and the AD&N made its final run on June 29, 1996. (The railroad's remaining 5.7 miles of track, between Whitlow Junction and Crossett was sold on June 30, 1996 to Georgia-Pacific-owned sister railroad Fordyce and Princeton Railroad, which had long been operating on the segment between Crossett and Whitlow Junction through trackage rights.)

Freight Equipment

adn1427Paint known in use 1972:












Motive Power

adn170 rosterPaint known in use 1959-1961:













adn102 roster

Paint known in use 1971-1977:













adn176aPaint known in use 1977 (one unit):













 fp1503 rosterPaint known in use 1987-1996:













Steam Locomotive Roster
105 Baldwin Locomotive Works 2-8-0 Consolidation ex Crossett Railway #10
to Fordyce Lumber Company
to Ashley, Drew & Northern #105
(known on roster 1949)
115 Alco - Brooks 2-8-0 Consolidation blt St. Louis Iron Mtn & Southern #1881
to Missouri Pacific #531, 1911
to Ashley, Drew & Northern #531
renumbered #115
125 Alco - Brooks 2-8-0 Consolidation blt St. Louis Iron Mtn & Southern #1864
to Missouri Pacific #514
to Ashley, Drew & Northern #125, 1930s
(known on roster 1942)


Diesel Locomotive Roster
 170 General Electric   70 tonner
B-B light switcher  
1 of 3 purchased new, 1948
blt Ashley, Drew & Northern #170
to American Agricultural Chem #8, 1965 
 150  Electro Motive Division SW1500
B-B yard switcher
Built May 1970.
later renumbered ADN #1509
to Fordyce & Princeton #1503
(known on roster in 1971, 1987 [as 1503])
 176  Electro Motive Division SW1200
B-B yard switcher
Built Dec 1955. 
Wore U.S. Bicentennial paint scheme
later renumbered ADN #1206
to Rail Switching Service #1206
(known on roster in 1971, 1977)
 178  Electro Motive Division SW1500
B-B yard switcher 
Built Jun 1963.
blt Ashley, Drew & Northern #178
later renumbered #1208
to Georgia Pacific's Amador Central, 1995 
(known on roster in 1973)
 102 Electro Motive Division SW900
B-B yard switcher

ex Hammond Redwood Lumber #102
to Feather River RR #102
to Ashley, Drew & Northern #102, 1965
later renumbered #907
to Gloster Southern #903
used on Columbia Route line 
(known on roster 1965-1987)

 1514 Santa Fe Cleburne Shops CF7
B-B road switcher
ex Santa Fe #2522
to Ashley, Drew & Northern #1514, 1986
to Arkansas, Louisiana & Mississippi, 1996
(known on roster 1986-1987) 
 1810 Electro Motive Division  GP10 "Paducah rebuild"
B-B road switcher
blt Illinois Central #9352
rebuilt to GP10 by VMV, 1978
to Ashley, Drew & Northern #1810
to Chattahoochee Industrial #1810
to First Coast #1810 
(known on roster 1987)
 1811 blt Illinois Central #9201, 1957
rebuilt to GP10 by Paducah Shops, 1979
to Ashley, Drew & Northern #1811
to Chattahoochee Industrial #1811
(known on roster 1987)
 1812  Electro Motive Division GP28
B-B road switcher
ex Illinois Central Gulf #9429
to Ashley, Drew & Northern #1812, 1983
to Arkansas, Louisiana & Mississippi #1812 
(known on roster 1983-1996)



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