Orleans Station 

Track Guide

The following is a tour of the Elmira Branch - Elmira & Lake Ontario Railroad, from Elmira, N. Y. (exclusive), to Sodus Point, N. Y., based on the 1945 edition of the Pennsylvania Railroad CT1000 -- List of Stations and Sidings.

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Location Notes
   Chemung Junction  Junc. Erie Railroad
 8283   Horseheads, N. Y.  
8291  Millport, N. Y.  
8296  Montour Falls, Pa.  
WK   Watkins Glen, N. Y.   
8306  Rock Stream, N. Y.  
8308  Glenora, N. Y.  
8309  Lakemont, N. Y.  
8311  Starkey, N. Y.  
8315  Himrod, N. Y.  
HJ   Himrods Junction, N. Y.   Junc. New York Central Railroad 
8318  Milo, N. Y.  
8319  Shaw, N. Y.  
8322  Penn Yan, N. Y.  
8326  Benton, N. Y.  
8328  Bellona, N. Y.  
8329  Kershong, N. Y.  
 8332  Hall, N. Y.  
ST  Stanley, N. Y.  
8336  Maple Lane, N. Y.  
8338  Aloquin, N. Y.  
8340  Ennerdale, N. Y.  
8342  Produce Siding, N. Y.  
CA  Canandaigua, N. Y.  Junc. New York Central Railroad
 Junc. Canandaigua Lake Branch 
8402  Flint, N. Y.  
8405  Seneca Castle, N. Y.  
8407  Orleans, N. Y.  
8410  Phelps Junction, N. Y.  
8411  Junc. New York Central Railroad
8412  Outlet, N. Y.  
N  Newark, N. Y.   Junc. New York Central Railroad
 Junc. Marion Branch
8419    New Passing Siding
8421  Fairville, N. Y.  
8423  Swamp Gravel-Pit, N. Y.   
8425  Zurich, N. Y.  
8427  Calciana, N. Y.  
8429  Sodus Center, N. Y.  
WG   Wallington, N. Y.   Junc. New York Central Railroad
8432  Sodus Point, N. Y.