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P1010552 Hoffman Company warehouse -- the one listed as a landmark; not rail-served. P1010553
P1010554 P1010556
P1010555 P1010510 The building currently on the site of The Texas Company/Jackson's Wharf.
P1010511 P1010541
P1010512 The back side of the Mann Axe site. P1010513
P1010516 P1010517
P1010514 View from Dorcas Street down the former right-of-way towards the Lewistown Secondary. The building at center left would have been built after the removal of the track. The building at center-right would have been part of the Hoffman Company. P1010515
P1010542 View from the Hoffman Company site back towards Dorcas Street. P1010543 View from the Hoffman Company site towards the Lewistown Secondary, which is just to the left of the grey house (center) which is on Depot Street. Again, the building at left must have been built after the track was removed.
P1010544 This building is a remnant of the Hoffman Company. P1010545
P1010546 P1010547
P1010548 P1010549
P1010550 P1010551
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