4162 helper

L1s #4162 helps a passenger train ascend around Horseshoe Curve.

The Pittsburgh Division largely maintained its identity throughout the (then) modern era of the railroad. The Pittsburgh Division existed within the Western Pennsylvania Grand Division as of the 1941 reorganization. In the 1951 reorganization, the Monongahela Division was absorbed by the Pittsburgh Division. In the 1956 reorganization into Operating Regions, the Pittsburgh Region absorbed the Middle, Connemaugh, Eastern, and Panhandle divisions.


Track Guide

The following is a tour of the Pittsburgh Division Main Line, starting in Altoona, Pa. (exclusive), to Pittsburgh, Pa., based on the 1945 edition of the Pennsylvania Railroad CT1000 -- List of Stations and Sidings.

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     Junc. Middle Division - Main Line 
 333   Kittaning Point, Pa.   
     Horseshoe Curve
     MG Tower & Interlocking
     BENNY Interlocking
335    Penna. Coll. No. 2
 335A   East End Tunnel, Pa.   SF Interlocking
 Junc. New Portage Branch
336  Gallitzin, Pa.  UN Interlocking
336B  AR Tower & Interlocking
338  Cresson, Pa.   
339  MO Tower & Interlocking
 Junc. Irvona Branch
 Junc. Cresson Branch
342  Lilly, Pa.  
5221  Junc. Lilly Branch
   Cassandra, Pa.  
345    BC Interlocking
 Junc. Ben's Creek Branch - East Connector 
346  Portage, Pa.  
347    Junc. Ben's Creek Branch - West Connector 
349   Wilmore, Pa.  
352  Summerhill, Pa.   
353  Junc. Summerhill Branch - East Connector
353A    Junc. Summerhill Branch - West Connector
354    Junc. South Fork Branch - East Connector
   Ehrenfield, Pa.  
354A   South Fork, Pa.  
355     Junc. South Fork Branch - West Connector
 SO Tower & Interlocking
356  Mineral Point, Pa.  
357    Smokeless Colleries Nos. 1 & 2
V  Conemaugh, Pa.  C Tower & Interlocking
 Junc. Johnstown Branch
362  Johnstown, Pa.   Junc. Conemaugh & Black Lick Railroad
364  Morrellville, Pa.  Junc. Conemaugh & Black Lick Railroad
365  Sheridan, Pa.  SG Tower & Interlocking
 Junc. Conemaugh Division - Sang Hallow Extension - East Connector 
372  Seward, Pa.  
373    Seward Smokeless Coll.
377  New Florence, Pa.  
377A  Junc. New Florance Branch
378   Conpitt Junction, Pa.  Junc. Conemaugh Division - Sang Hallow Extension - West Connector 
   Lockport, Pa.   
382     Penn Refractories Co.
BO  Bolivar, Pa.  
387   Torrance, Pa.    
BI  Junc. Conemaugh Division
390   Gray, Pa.  
391    Graff Colls. Nos. 1 & 2
392  Hillside, Pa.  
393A     Seger Oil Co. No. 1
393  Millwood, Pa.  
 Derry, Pa.   DERRY Tower & Interlocking
397    Junc. Bradenville Branch
398A  Bradenville, Pa.  
399M     Saxman Tail Track - Storage
399H    Saxman Water Station
399E    McFeely Brick Co. No. 1
399F    McFeely Brick Co. No. 2
399G     Vanadium-Alloys Steel Co.
399D    Anchor Drawn Steel Co.
400  Latrobe, Pa.  Junc. Ligonier Valley Railroad
401    Junc. Unity Branch
401A    West End Colls. Nos. 2, 3 & 4
403A    Junc. Alexandria Branch - East Connector
406  Donohoe, Pa.   
406A  Junc. Alexandria Branch - West Connector
407   George, Pa.  
407C     Crow's Nest Siding and Crow's Nest Colliery
408A     Passenger Sidings 0, 1 & 2
SW   South-west Junction  Junc. South-west Branch
410   Greensburg, Pa.  
412  Radebaugh, Pa.   
RA   RG Tower & Interlocking
 Junc. Monongahela Division - Radebaugh Branch
414  Grapeville, Pa.  
414A    Junc. Brush Creek Branch
415  Jeanette, Pa.  Junc. Bull Run Branch
416   Penn, Pa.  
417  Manor, Pa.   
417A  Junc. Manor Branch
418     Biddle Coll.
419  Shafton, Pa.   Junc.Youghiogheny Branch
   Irwin, Pa.   
421   Larimer, Pa.  
422   Ardara, Pa.  
424   Trafford, Pa.   Junc. Turtle Creek Branch
 Junc. East Pittsburgh Branch
425  Pitcairn, Pa.    
427  Wilmerding, Pa.  WG Tower & Interlocking
 Junc. East Pittsburgh Branch Connector
EP  East Pittsburgh  
429  Brinton U Junction  
430   Bessemer, Pa.  
431   Braddock, Pa.  
431A  Copeland, Pa.  
432  Hawkins, Pa.  
433  Swissvale, Pa.  
434C  Edgewood, Pa.  
434   Wilkinsburg, Pa.   
   Homewood, Pa.  
436  East Liberty, Pa.  Junc. Brilliant Branch  
   Roup, Pa.  
437  East Liberty, Pa.  
439  Pittsburgh, Pa.         East Denny Siding
441A  Junc. Panhandle Division
441B  Junc. Eastern Division