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canton station2

Heritage: Elmira & Williamsport Railroad, Northern Central Railway

CT 1000, 1945: Eastern Region, Central Pennsylvania Division, Williamsport Division, Elmira Branch

Susquehanna Division ETT, 1954: Eastern Region, Susquehanna Division, Elmira Branch


Order is south to north. Distance from Williamsport (passenger station)...

38.3 S. H. Jewell

38.5 Bellmar Mfg. Co.

38.5 Preston Bros. No. 1 - Mill

38.5 Station and Warehouse and Public Delivery

canton station2 canton pc


38.5 Swayze Folding Box Co.

38.5 C. R. Krize

38.5 Storage

38.6 Preston Bros. No. 2 - Warehouse

38.6 H. Rockwell & Son

38.8 Sheffield Farms Co. No. 2

The 1943 New York Division Makeup of Trains includes listings for trains RJ-10/11 as carrying a tank car between New York and Harrisburg for forwarding to Canton (and many other creamery locations) via trains 570/571.