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Bellefonte Central 2 8 0 20 action with limestone canisters coleville

The Bellefonte Central Railroad located its shops at Coleville, just west of Bellefonte.

For Sanborn maps of Coleville, please visit the On Location: BF - Bellefonte, Pa. page.


Coleville Yard 1917 errors Coleville Yard in 1917. Courtesy of Mike Bezilla.
102 coleville  
Coleville coal wharf workers21
Coleville crossingColeville Road crossing, looking towards Bellefonte. The BCR shops are to the right. Coleville yardThe Coleville complex, looking north (railroad east).
BCRR Engine Shed300 bfc 15 Bellefonte 1936BFC #15 in 1936.
BCR 22 at water tankBCR #22 at the water tank. Bellefonte Central 2 8 0 20 action with limestone canisters colevilleBCR #20 at the water tank with a load of lime canisters in gondolas.
Coleville water tankUnobstructed view of the water tank. coleville water
BCR 15 at coal wharfBCR #15 at the coal wharf. BCR coal wharfBase of the coal wharf.
bellefonte central coleville Coleville 21 coal wharf 1947BCR #21 at the coal wharf in 1947.
Coleville engine coal wharf Coleville scale 1963 Scale house at Coleville in 1963.
BCR hoistFixed hoist in the area of the shops. Coleville ash pit Ash pit.
Coleville TurntableThe turntable was at the west end of Coleville. Coleville turntable
Images from the "Donahoe Report", dated 1936, Pattee Library, Pennsylvania State University:
Coleveill 1936donahoereport 11 Coleville 1936donahoereport 12
Coleveille 1936 2