Photos from a 2015 hike from Reedsville through the top part of Mann Narrows:  
IMG 0653 View up the Kish Creek from the still remaining Milroy Secondary bridge. The abandon piers are from one connection of the wye from the Kishacoquillas Valley Railroad. IMG 0655
IMG 0654 Looking downstream. IMG 0656 Looking across the bridge, railroad-east, towards Reedsville.
IMG 0657 IMG 0658 View railroad-west along the right-of-way.
IMG 0659 View railroad-east towards the bridge.  IMG 0662 This is how closely the railroad followed the creek. Must have been a beautiful ride back in the day!
IMG 0665 Continuing railroad-west. We've just gone under the Rt. 322 bridge.  IMG 0666 Looking back...
IMG 0668 Continuing... IMG 0669 The foundation of the railroad's water tank survives!
IMG 0670  IMG 0671
IMG 0672 IMG 0673
IMG 0674 IMG 0677
IMG 0678 IMG 0679
IMG 0680 IMG 0684 Another view of the Reedsville bridge on the way out.
2015 Photos from the Mid-Point of the Narrows:  
IMG 0687 The old pier on the opposite shore was from when the road crossed the railroad at-grade -- three bridges ago! The railroad right-of-way can be seen running left to right just above the bank. The third bridge was recently built and takes away vertical clearance once required by the railroad. IMG 0688 The view upstream. The railroad was at left. 
IMG 0690 The view downstream. Near center on the opposite bank is a remnant of a pier from trolley bridge.  
2015 Photos by Jerry Britton:  
P1010001 Remnants of bridge 4.04. P1010002
P1010004 P1010005