PENNSYRR.COM by Jerry Britton

P1010561 Former coal yard on the right. There was once a siding here. P1010562
P1010566 P1010567
P1010568 P1010571
P1010572 P1010564
P1010565 P1010563
P1010569 P1010570
P1010573 Looking westward from the Atlantic Refining site. P1010574 Looking eastward from the Atlantic Refining site, which would have been on the left where the church is now.
P1010575 Former Supplee building. P1010576
P1010577 P1010580 Looking westward across Bridge 0.51.
P1010581 View eastward. P1010578
P1010579 P1010582
P1010583 Next view westward. P1010584 View eastward.
P1010585 Unknown what came across these piers!