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The 1945 CT1000 lists xxx. More to come...

Williamsport Yard

williamsport yard williamsport


Junc. Canal Branch - Lower Section (MP 38.1)

Canal Branch - Lower Section

Connection Williamsport Yard

Reading Co. Connection (MP 38.2)

Public Delivery -- Chestnut Street (MP 38.3)

C. A. Reed Co. No. 1 (MP 38.3)

East End Lumber & Coal Co (MP 38.3)

C. A. Reed Co. No. 2 (MP 38.4)

Public Delivery and Trestle (M 38.4)

John Peters Stock Yard (MP 38.5)

Faxon Lumber Co. (MP 38.9)

Williamsport Hide & Fur Co. (MP 39.1)

West Branch Lime Co. (MP 39.6)

Public Delivery (MP 40.1)

Bird's Lane and J. A. Eck & Sons (MP 40.3)

End of Canal Branch - Lower Section (MP 40.7)

Williamsport Yard (continued)

Fleck-Marshall Co. No. 1 (MP 38.1)

Frank Fullmer (MP 38.1)

Williamsport Mirror & Glass Co. and Public Delivery (MP 38.3)

Cement Products Co. (MP 38.5)

Williamsport Storage Co. (MP 38.6)

Flock Brewing Co. (MP 38.6)

Williamsport Dickinson Seminary (MP 38.7)

Penna. Power & Light Co. No. 1 - Gas Works (MP 38.7)

Market Street Coal Yard (MP 38.7)

Market Street Public Delivery (MP 38.8)

East Connection Williamsport Lumber Branch (MP 39.0)

Williamsport Lumber Branch

Connection Williamsport Yard

Keystone Food Products Co. (MP 39.4)

Hepburn Street Public Delivery (MP 39.4)

Public Coal Siding (MP 39.5)

Staiman Bros. (MP 39.5)

Junc. Canal Branch -- Middle Section (MP 39.5)

Canal Branch -- Middle Section

Penna. Power & Light Co. No. 2 (MP 39.7)

Conn. Williamsport Lumber Branch (MP 39.8)

Bethlehem Steel Co. No. 1 (MP 39.8)

Shamokin Iron & Steel Co. (MP 39.9)

Bethlehem Steel Co. No. 2 (MP 39.9)

Aviation Corp. No. 3 (MP 40.3)

The company was required to divest American Airlines in 1934 due to new rules for air mail contracts. The Aviation Corporation ranked 32nd among United States corporations in the value of World War II production contracts. Two months after World War II ended the Aviation Corporation branched into the manufacture of farm machinery with its acquisition of the New Idea Company in October 1945. The company later changed its name to Avco Manufacturing Corporation, and then, in 1959, to Avco Corporation. (Wikipedia)

Aviation Corp. No. 2 (MP 40.4)

Public Delivery (MP 39.8)

Valley Iron Works No. 1 (MP 39.8)

Valley Iron Works No. 2 (MP 39.8)

E. Keeler Co. No. 1 (MP 39.9)

E. Keeler Co. No. 2 (MP 39.9)

Neyhart Hardware Co. and Chesterfield Furniture Co. (MP 39.9)

Public Delivery and A. Grieco (MP 40.0)

Public Delivery (MP 40.2)

Eureka Paper Box Co. and Hirsh Junk Co. (MP 40.5)

Eastern Wood Products Co. (MP 40.6)

Standard Oil Co. No. 3 and Public Delivery (MP 40.8)

Fleck-Marshall Co. No. 2 (MP 40.8)

End of Canal Branch - Middle Section (MP 41.1)

Williamsport Lumber Branch (continued)

Williamsport Paper Box Co. (MP 39.4)

Williamsport Furniture Co. No. 1 and Vallamont Planing Mill Co. No. 1 (MP 39.5)

Williamsport Furniture Co. No. 2 (MP 39.6)

Conn. Canal Branch - Middle Section (MP 39.6)

Darling Valve & Mfg. Co. No. 1 (MP 39.7)

Darling Valve & Mfg. Co. No. 2 (MP 39.7) 

Emery Lumber & Coal Co. and A. C. Everhart (MP 39.7)

Radiant Steel Products Co. (MP 39.7)

Sun Oil Co. (MP 39.8)

Vallamont Planing Mill Co. No. 2 (MP 39.9)

Fred Beasley Co. (MP 39.9)

Bethlehem Steel Co. No. 3 (MP 40.0)

Stewart Ice Co. and Hermance Machine Co. (MP 40.0)

C. R. Krimm Lumber Co. -- Maynard Street (MP 40.1)

Tally Coal Co. (MP 40.2)

Williamsport Die & Machine Co. and Shephrd Engineering Co. (MP 40.2)

Spencer Heater Co. and Aviation Corp. No. 4 (MP 40.2)

R. & G. Knitting Mills (MP 40.3)

W. D. Crooks & Sons (MP 40.3)

Junc. Canal Branch -- Upper Section

Canal Branch -- Upper Section

Conn. Williamsport Lumber Branch (MP 40.4)

Sweet Steel Co. (MP 41.7)

End of Canal Branch -- Upper Section (MP 41.7)

Williamsport Lumber Branch (continued)

Culler Furniture Co. (MP 40.5)

Cromar Company (MP 40.6)

J. K. Rishel Furniture Co. No. 1 (MP 40.6)

J. K. Rishel Furniture Co. No. 2 (MP 40.7)

Penna. Power & Light Co. No. 3 and Public Delivery (MP 40.8)

Junc. Main Line -- Williamsport Yard

Williamsport Yard (continued)

Centre St. Public Delivery (MP_ 39.2)

Swift & Co. (MP 39.3)

Wm. Bloom & Co. and Susquehanna Supply Co. No. 2 (MP 39.4)

Susquehanna Supply Co. No. 1 (MP 39.5)

Williamsport Wholesale Grocery No. 2 (MP 39.5)

Trayers Coal Yard (MP 39.5)

Williamsport Wholesale Grocery No. 1 (MP 39.5)

National Biscuit Co. (MP 39.5)

Passenger Station (MP 39.7)

pc williamsport PRR Wmspt NewberryNCTower

Williamsport Leather Goods Co. (MP 39.8)

Fifth Ave. Coal Yard (MP 40.0)

West End Delivery (MP 40.1)

Junc. Williamsport Industrial Tracks (MP 40.2)

Williamsport Industrial Tracks

L. M. Castner Co., Inc. (MP 40.5)

Smith, Levine & Harris and Williamsport Eng. & Mach. Co. (MP 40.5)

J. Gehron and Public Delivery (MP 40.6)

Aviation Corp. No. 5 (MP 40.7)

As previously noted, Aviation Corp. became Avco.

williamsport val2 Williamsport val

Aviation Corp. No. 6 (MP 40.8)

Scales (MP 40.8)

West Conn. Williamsport Lumber Branch (MP 40.8)

Williamsport Yard (continued)

Engler Coal Co. (MP 41.1)