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Valuation Map​

PRR.v17.1.PA 052 1918r47c49 Pittsburgh Div ML PL Wg200gPRR.v17.1.PA-052_1918r47c49_Pittsburgh_Div_ML (PRRT&HS)
PRR.v18.020.PA 12PRR.v18.020.PA-12 (PRRT&HS)
PRR.v18.020.PA 13PRR.v18.020.PA-13 (PRRT&HS)
PRR.v18.020.PA 14PRR.v18.020.PA-14 (PRRT&HS)


Entries from the 1945 edition of the CT1000. Distances are miles from the Altoona passenger station.

Junc. Pittsburgh Division - Sang Hollow Ext. - West Conn. and Conemaugh Division - Main Line (MP 53.0)