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Everett postcard 2 Everett Turnpike Everett freight house 1983 Everett freight house, 1983.
hbt everett turntable Cottage Planing Mill Everet View of the Earlston Furnace Works for the Everett Iron Company in the town of Everett Bedford County in 1910jpg Earlston Furnace, 1910.
Earlston Furnace in the town of Everett Bedford Countyjpg Earlston furnace Earlston Furnance Everett
Earlston Furnance Everett2 Cottage Mill Everett  


Lumber Track (MP 42.9)

Station (MP 43.0)

everett station 1960 Everett, 1960. everett postcard H BT at Everett Station
Everett Passenger 1980 Everett, 1980. everett station view Everett station


Coal Wharf (MP 43.0)



Public Track; H. F. Gump & Son (H. Frank Gump, 1909); and H. E. Laher (MP 43.1)



J. J. Barndollar & Son (1900) (MP 43.5)

Everett Glass Co., Ltd. (1900) (MP 43.9)

Factory (MP 43.3)