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Valuation Maps

PRR.v18.07.PA 04
PRR.v18.07.PA-04 (PRRT&HS)

PRR.v18.07.PA 05 St. Michael Creslo
PRR.v18.07.PA-05_St._Michael_Creslo (PRRT&HS)

Entries from the 1945 edition of the CT1000:

St. Michael, Pa.

Station (MP 30.8)


Maryland Shaft Colliery (Maryland Coal Co. of Pennsylvania) (MP 30.9)


Eureka Stores (St. Michaels Store) (MP 30.9)

LV - Lovett Yard, Pa.

Yard (MP 31.3)

F11 - Creslo, Pa.

Station (MP 31.6)