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Track Guide

The following is a tour of the Middle Division - Clearfield Branch, based on the 1945 edition of the Pennsylvania Railroad CT1000 -- List of Stations and Sidings.

Click on the link of a location for more information (if available).

ET East Tyrone, Pa.  Junc. Middle Division - Bald Eagle Branch
VL Vail, Pa. Passing Siding
4406 Vanscoyoc, Pa. Passing Siding
  Gardner, Pa.  
SM Summit, Pa. Yard
4415 Sandy RIdge, Pa.  
4416 Retort, Pa.  
4420   Chas. G. Broberg
4420A   Junc. Middle Division - Osceola Branch
OA Osceola Mills, Pa. Junc. Middle Division - Moshannon Branch
4421   Moshannon Colliery No. 10 (Moshannon C. M. Co.)
4423   Beaver Collieries Nos. 1, 2 & 3 (Beaver Coal Co.)
4425 Boynton, Pa. Junc. Middle Division - Mapleton Branch
4428   Moshannon Colliery No. 11 (James F. Eyerly)
PG Phillipsburg, Pa. Junc. Middle Division - Phillipsburg Branch
4853 Derby Jct., Pa. Junc. Middle Division - Derby Branch
  Graham, Pa.  
4435 Sanford Junc. Pa. Junc. Middle Division - Sanford Siding
4885   Junc. Middle Division - Graham Branch
4438 Blue Ball, Pa.  
4442 Wallaceton, Pa.  
4445  Bigler, Pa.  
4447   Osceola Silica & Fire Brick Co. No. 3
4449 Woodland, Pa.  
4451   Harbison-Walker Refractories Co. No. 8 - Coal Trestle
4453 Mineral Spring, Pa.  
4455   Barrett Colliery (Harbison-Walker Ref. Co.)
4462   Robinson Clay Products Co.
4463 Clearfield, Pa.  
4465 Junc. N. Y. C. R. R.
4467 North Clearfield, Pa.  
4469 Riverview, Pa.  
4471A   Wiley Colliery (Joseph Wroguier)
4472   A18D Colliery (Peale, Peacock & Kerr, Inc.)
4473 Susquehanna Bridge, Pa.  
4475 Curwensville, Pa. Junc. B. & O. R. R.
  Rustic, Pa.  
4483   Harbison-Walker Refractories Co. No. 13
4487 Stronach, Pa.  
4490 Grampian, Pa.  
4491   Matthews Colliery No. 1 (John H. Matthews)
4492   Antes Colliery (Antes & Perry)