Chicago to New York -- "The Pennsylvania Limited"

Type of Car From Typ. Remarks
Express (Perishable) (X) Various-N. Eng. Pts. -  
MS60 (X) Chicago-PCC -  
Dormitory Chicago 1 CT220 from 6/24/54 shows #6724; 8/24/54 shows #6720. HW 12-1 (3410A) conversion.
PB70 Scheme 6 Chicago 1  
P85bR Chicago 2  
Diner LW Chicago 1 Diner reports from CT220s: 6/24/54 D82C #4507 (ACF); 8/24/54 D82B #4502 (Budd).
SL Lge.-3 DBR-1 DR-Bar LW Chicago 1 "Colonial Scouts" or "Colonial Flags" 
SL 21 Roomette LW Chicago 1 "Steubenville Inn" or "Sunbury Inn"
SL 12 Dup.-8 R-5 DBR LW Chicago 1 "Major Brook" or "Maple Brook"
SL 12-1 Chicago 1 "Adamsdale" or "Sunbrook"
SL 10 Roomette-6 DBR LW San Francisco 1 From C&NW-28; odd days. "Silver Rapids" (PRR; steel), "Silver Glacier" (DRGW, plan 9509), "Silver Point" (CB&Q, plan 9509), "Silver Shore" (CB&Q, plan 9509), "Silver Creek" (DRGW, plan 9509), "Silver Surf" (WP, plan 9509), or "Silver Bay" (WP, plan 9509)
SL 10 Roomette-6 DBR LW San Francisco 1 From CB&Q-18; even days. "Passaic River" (NYC, plan 4123), "Buffalo Rapids" (PRR, plan 9008, two tone grey), "Pacific Lodge (UP, plan 9522), "Pacific Union" (UP, plan 9522), "Pacific Waters" (UP, plan 9522), "9037" (SP, plan 4140C), or "9039" (SP, plan 4140C) SP car should be in UP paint per Stegmeier p. 4.

Between sessions, the final car of this train will be rotated from an available pool.